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2-Day Workshop: Suminagashi (Floating Ink) and Ink Drawing (Adults)

Art House 7
5537 Langston Blvd.
Arlington, Virginia 22207

Master Artist Teresa Oaxaca will teach students how to create marbled paper using Suminagashi techniques in this 2-day workshop. Suminagashi means floating ink in Japanese. Developed in Japan as early as the 12th Century, this medium was kept secret and reserved for members of the royal court.

Teresa’s technique is a modern and easily applied version of this old art. We will be using pigmented inks, fine sturdy paper, and other items. Using ink and reference photos, you will incorporate drawings on top of the marbled paper you have created.

You’ll learn to create small masterpieces of flowing art that can be used as a base for future projects such as bookbinding, journaling, greeting cards, drawing paper, fancy poetry/writing paper, or just left and enjoyed on its own. Create fantastic gifts for yourself and others in this relaxing workshop.

Thu. June 2 and Fri. June 3

* All students must be vaccinated.

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