Arlington, VA

A History of Zoning and Segregation in Virginia: Lessons for Today



The issues Northern Virginia faces today regarding affordability and inequitable access to housing are not just a result of market forces of supply and demand. Our history of zoning and development shaped the way housing and neighborhoods in our cities and suburbs look and function today.

Join the Business for a Better World Center and the Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship of the George Mason School of Business to discuss the historic roots of housing inequities and the opportunities for change, based on the recent “Zoning and Segregation in Virginia” report from a leading law firm in our area, McGuire Woods.

Featured Speaker: Jonathan Rak – Partner, McGuire Woods

Discussion Panel:
Emily Hamilton, Director of the Urbanity Project at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University

Tracy Baynard, McGuireWoods Consulting

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