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Arlington County Fair

Thomas Jefferson Community and Fitness Center
3501 2nd Street South
Arlington, Virginia 22204

The Arlington County Fair is one of the largest free events on the East Coast and has been providing quality entertainment for over 40 years. In recent years, attendance has reached over 84,000 as people come from Arlington, Northern Virginia, and the DC Metro region to enjoy competitive exhibits, midway rides and games, entertainment, vendors, and more. Each year Thomas Jefferson Community Center is transformed into a special place with something for everyone to see. Admission is free, there is a cost for some activities (

Event Dates and Times:

AUGUST 17th-21st
Wed. 8/17 5PM – 10PM
Thus. 8/18 5PM -1 0PM
Fri. 8/19 4PM – 11PM
Sat. 8/20 10AM – 11PM
Sun. 8/21 11AM – 10PM


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