Drama Discoveries: Animal Adventures

Trinity Presbyterian Church
5533 N 16th Street
Arlington, Virginia 22205

Every day is a new adventure with Drama Discoveries! In this program, students will explore a new story each day and bring it to life through pretend play, painting, song, science experiments, math, music, and more! On Tuesdays, we delve deep into animal habitats to explore a new animal each day, while on Thursdays we make great expeditions to discover new places on Earth. Whether we’re camping in Cabo, leaping with leopards, or ice skating in the Arctic, we’ll be sure to find friends and fun along the way!

Tuesdays: Animal Adventures
Thursday: Worldly Wonders

Classes are primarily held outdoors, while we move inside accompanied by an AirPhx unit for rainy days and extreme heat. Sign up for just a day by purchasing A La Carte, or purchase a class package to join us for any Tuesdays or Thursdays that work best for you from mid-June through August!
Classes start 6/15! No class on 8/10 or 8/12.

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