June 10, 2017 3:00pm–6:00pm

Employment Mentoring for Skilled Refugees

St. George's Episcopal Church

915 Oakland St.

Arlington, Virginia 22203

Better Jobs, Stronger Families: A NOVA Friends of Refugees welcoming event. In your home country, you were a highly skilled professional. After bringing your family to America to escape violence and oppression, you can only find low-paying jobs or are unemployed. Help is available on June 10 at a special “speed mentoring” event hosted by NOVA Friends of Refugees. Held to honor World Refugee Day, this family-friendly event combines employment mentoring for skilled refugees with a fun program of cultural enrichment for spouses and children still adjusting to their new country. Plus, a social time for locals and our new neighbors to bond over food and drink. RSVP at: tinyurl.com/jobseeker-nova


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