Arlington, VA

FREEDAYs with Minor Figures and Commonwealth Joe

Commonwealth Joe
520 12th St S Suite 150
Arlington, Virginia 22202

Minor Figures, the brand known for making plant-based, carbon neutral, and barista standard coffee products, has teamed up with Commonwealth Joe to give out free oat milk coffee all day on Friday, April 9. It’s part of their FREEDAYs initiative, which started out as the brand’s special way to support local cafes during the pandemic.

Starting bright and early from 7 a.m. to close, anyone who stops by Commonwealth Joe (520 12th Street S. Suite 150) can pick up a Minor Figures Organic Oat Milk coffee for free! Their oat milk is designed to complement the true and unique flavors of the highest quality coffee. It has the perfect level of sweetness and produces a silky micro-foam when steamed, marking it ideal for baristas. And as of last year, all of the brand’s carbon emissions are offset, making all Minor Figures products 100% carbon neutral.

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