Let’s Paint Sunflowers: Oil Painting Workshop with Teresa Oaxaca at Art House 7

Join us at Art House 7 for a unique artistic journey led by the acclaimed painter, Teresa Oaxaca, in her much-anticipated workshop – “Painting Sunflowers in Oil.” Take shelter from the heat of summer and join us in the studio.

Workshop Overview
In this special summer edition, participants will have the unparalleled opportunity to dive deep into the art of oil painting under Teresa’s expert guidance. The workshop is designed to welcome artists of all levels. The highlight of this workshop is the extraordinary variety of sunflower species curated for study and painting.

What You’ll Experience
Live Painting Demonstrations by Teresa: Watch in awe as Teresa brings sunflowers to life with her dynamic and intimate approach to oil painting. Her expertise in capturing the subtle nuances of light, shadow, and color will inspire you to see sunflowers—and perhaps the world—through a new lens.

Hands-On Painting Sessions: Following Teresa’s demonstrations, you’ll have ample time to apply what you’ve learned to your own canvas. Whether you’re drawn to the bold, striking varieties or the delicate, nuanced ones, you’ll find a subject that ignites your creativity.

A Study in Diversity: Dive into the world of sunflowers like never before. Learn about the characteristics that make each species special, from the towering giants to the understated beauties. This knowledge will not only enhance your artistic skills but also deepen your appreciation for nature’s diversity.

Personalized Instruction: Teresa is dedicated to providing individual attention and guidance. Whether you need help mastering a technique or advice on capturing a sunflower’s personality, you’re in caring and competent hands.

Community and Inspiration: Join a community of like-minded artists who share your passion for painting and the natural world. This workshop is not just about improving your skills—it’s about creating connections and memories that will inspire you long after the last stroke is painted.

For more details on registration, please visit our website! The “Let’s Paint Sunflowers: Oil Painting Workshop with Teresa Oaxaca” will take place on August 13th & 14th from 10a-4p at Art House 7.