May 25, 2017 7:00pm–8:00pm

Matthew Palmer – Enemy of the Good

One More Page Books

2200 N Westmoreland Street

Arlington, Virginia 22213

A tense, complex, and twisting diplomatic thriller in which one woman must choose between morality and compromise–and in either case, the consequences may be deadly.

Katarina “Kate” Wallander is a second generation Foreign Service officer, recently assigned to Kyrgystan. She’s not there by chance. A Foreign Service brat who attended high school in the region, her uncle is the U.S. ambassador to the country, and he pulled a few strings to get Kate assigned to his mission.

U.S.-Kyrgyz relations are at a critical juncture. US authorities have been negotiating with the Kyrgyz President on a lease of a massive airbase that would significantly expand the American footprint in Central Asia, and could tip the balance in “the Great Game,” the competition among Russia, China, and the US for influence in the region. The negotiations are controversial in the United States because of the Kyrgyz regime’s abysmal human rights record. The fate of the airbase is balanced on a knife’s edge.

Amid these events, Kate’s uncle assigns her to infiltrate an underground democracy movement that has been sabotaging Kyrgyz security services and regime supporters. Washington has taken an interest in the movement, her uncle conveys, and may find it worth supporting if they understand more about the aims and leadership. And Kate has an in–many followers of the movement were high school classmates of hers.

But it soon becomes clear that nothing about Kate’s mission is as it seems…and that she might need to lay her life on the line for what she knows is right.


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