Arlington, VA

New Year Fitness and Nutrition: Keep the Good, Lose the Fad

Our Savior Lutheran School
825 S. Taylor Street
Arlington, Virginia 22204

Our Savior Lutheran School is proud to present Ken Mierke, Exercise Physiologist and Nutritionist, (and an Our Savior alumni) who will share evidenced based fitness and nutrition tips to stay lean for a lifetime! His topics include:

~aerobic training intensity
~strength training
~glycemic index and glycemic load
~managing hunger and satiety
~willpower strategies
~Q and A

Ken is a two time ITU Triathalon World Champion (gold medalist), two time silver medalist, and now coaches elite triathletes, and adults who want to improve their health. He developed Evolution Running and Lean for a Lifetime, and is highlighted in NYT #1 Bestseller 4-Hour Body, and #3 Bestseller Born to Run. He owns and manages his own personal training studio.

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