November 15, 2017 11:30am–1:00pm

Nonprofit Forum How Businesses Strategize Impact for Deeper Community Engagement


2775 South Quincy Street

Arlington, Virginia 22206

In today’s world, relationships between businesses and nonprofits go much farther than writing a check. By regularly engaging in the community, businesses not only help better our area, but are able to form valuable partnerships with nonprofit organizations, who benefit from their involvement. A panel of business representatives will explain how businesses can grow their corporate social responsibility (CSR) to engage deeper with the community and support local nonprofits. If you are a business person, you’ll learn about the many benefits of how a strong CSR can improve your company and how to implement this program at your company. This forum will also teach nonprofits how to target businesses interested in expanding community engagement, in order to put their organization in an attractive position to form a partnership. $35 members, $50 prospective members


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