Parent/Child Clay Sculpture Workshop, 5-8th Grades, at Art House 7

This exciting clay workshop is designed for 5-8th graders and their parents or guardians. For one evening, come relax and create at Art House 7 with your child. Have fun in this hands-on sculpture class learning the fundamentals of clay sculpture. All work will be fired. THIS IS NOT A WHEEL CLASS.

This workshop can be retaken. And if you would like a longer term class, there is a 4-week class scheduled starting at the first week in October.


-Foster bonding and communication between parent and child

-Introduce fundamental sculpting techniques and principles.

-Cultivate creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills.

-Encourage experimentation and exploration with clay as a versatile medium.

-Promote appreciation for the arts and self-expression.

Please note: Only one sign-up required for parent/child pair. Work will be ready 3 weeks after the workshop.

For more details on registration, please visit our website! The Parent/Child Clay Sculpture, 5-8th Grades Workshop will take place on Thursday, September 12th from 6:30-8:30pm at Art House 7.