September 9, 2017 2:30pm–4:00pm

Sahaja Yoga

Central Library

1015 North Quincy Street

Arlington, Virginia 22201

Meditation isn’t a concept or imagination. It is an experience of reality. It’s as effortless as breathing or walking. Meditation doesn’t need a thought or plan to make it happen. True meditation is beyond the mind and is a state of total peace. A similar state may be felt while looking at lush green grass or a beautiful painting. Well, meditation has the potential to give much more than this! In a deep state of meditation, when the mind is calm and alert, one feels joy nurturing every part of life, and emotional and physical troubles slip away. This happens because of an instrument within each one of us that makes this possible- the kundalini.

If you know how to work this instrument, then meditation is easy. So, how does it work?

Most of us know that one needs energy to play any instrument whether by hand movement incase of a guitar or by blowing air incase of a flute. Similarly, the inner instrument in us uses a nourishing energy, which is like a perfect mother who knows her child’s needs. If we can use this energy, then we can tune our instruments so that there is harmony and balance.

Till now, we’ve faced many imbalances physically, mentally and emotionally. Those with emotional problems such as depression and lethargy have had an imbalance of a left-sided nature. Those who were hectic, speedy or can’t stop thinking have an imbalance of the right side. The inner instrument works best when in balance or in the center. The energy that works the instrument, the kundalini, corrects all imbalances. So it’s important to get this energy rolling. Someone who has his or her own energy awakened can help you easily. Then meditation is possible, and one can relax, because the energy calms the mind. At times a cool sensation can be felt on the hands and over the head as an indication that it is a real experience that works. Thus, true meditation is achievable effortlessly thanks to Nobel-Peace Prize nominee, Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation.


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