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June 22, 2017 7:00pm–8:00pm

Sara Jarman – Elephants on the Rampage: The Eclipse of American Conservatism

One More Page Books

2200 N Westmoreland Street #101

Arlington, Virginia 22213

Join us as journalist and scholar Sara Jarman shares from her book ELEPHANTS ON THE RAMPAGE: The Eclipse of American Conservatism. In 2012, Sara wrote a thesis predicting the rise of a candidate like Donald Trump. Five years later, her prediction has become reality. Where too many believed the Republican Party was “too big to fail,” Jarman questioned the basic tenets of conservatism and the politics of those who call themselves conservatives.

In ELEPHANTS ON THE RAMPAGE, she argues that an effective classical conservatism is necessary to the vitality of the American political system, but the Republican Party has moved away from the classical model, becoming increasingly more progressive in its attempts to redefine its political ideology. Now, American conservatives must grapple with the psychological and the practical struggle to redefine themselves. In this articulately written treatise, Sara Jarman tells their tale.

Sara Jarman is currently a law student at Brigham Young University’s J. Reuben Clark Law School. She was previously a journalist and online content manager. Jarman has published articles in The Daily Caller, The Hill, and in various other publications. She has also worked as a content marketing manager for various business. She is an Honors graduate from Brigham Young University, having written her Honors Thesis on the subject of this book.


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