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Small Business Roundtable: The Great Cultural Shift

Online event (see link)

The Chamber’s free monthly Small Business Roundtable is an important educational and networking opportunity for small businesses. This event provides expert speakers on topics to help you grow your business, such as digital marketing and business development and also gives you the opportunity to make connections and grow your professional network. The forum is applicable to a variety of businesses and employee levels, from front-line customer service to owners.

This Month’s Topic: The Great Cultural Shift, presented by Zakiya Worthy, CEO of K. Lamb LLC.

There is a culture shift that is occurring within companies that many leaders are being pressed to address. Between a necessary focus on DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging), employees expect their workplace to care for and provide benefits for employee well-being; coupled with a move from in-office to hybrid and remote work (which has proven to increase productivity and employee satisfaction), many managers and leaders need assistance on how to best tread these waters in order to attract and retain stellar talent. Zakiya Worthy, CEO of K. Lamb LLC, will share with you best practice wisdom on how to best navigate and flourish in this space.

The presentation will include:

-The reimagining of culture – why it matters and why your company won’t succeed without it

-Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging – how to genuinely incorporate, and why you should want to

-Agility and authenticity are the secret sauce for creating a culture where employees “want” to belong

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