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Standup Comedy Showcase Starring Elena Torres (MTV)

Crystal City Sports Pub
529 23rd Street South
Arlington, Virginia 22202

Elena Torres, Headliner

Elena Torres is a Spanish American telenovela actress turned stand-up comedian. No, that is not a joke. After several hit telenovelas in Mexico under her belt, she fell in love with a nice Jewish East Coast guy and realized her heart wasn’t in on-camera face slapping anymore.

So she took the next logical artistic step from doing melodrama in Spanish; she started performing stand up comedy in English. She threw out her telenovela push-up bra, moved to the East Coast and has performed in venues all over the country, including: DC Improv, Arlington Drafthouse, Hotbed, New York Comedy Club, West Side Comedy Club, Ha Ha Comedy Club, and many more. She also hosts the Arlington Drafthouse podcast and has a sketch page called Human Factor Comedy. (Ok ok, she didn’t throw out her push up bra – those things are expensive..…and they work wonders – but you get the idea.)

Apple Brown Betty:

Apple Brown Betty engages the audience with the familiarity of your favorite aunt. Selected as one of Bob Sumner’s Rising Stars of Comedy, she has performed up and down the east coast, including at the legendary Apollo Theater.

ABB is guaranteed to leave you laughing, but also feeling better about yourself. She doesn’t believe in dinosaurs, but she believes in you.

Martin Phillips:

Martin Phillips won Funniest College Student in D.C., and never stopped. He’s headlined festivals including the Cleveland Comedy Festival, and has made several appearances on the Kill Tony podcast. Check out his podcast on rom-coms, “Isn’t It Romantic?” Martin has performed all over, even in Alaska. Check him out!

Zach Mama:

Zach Mama is a stand-up comic, jazz drummer, and writer from Paris, France.

In September 2022, a month after he began shooting a road documentary series about stand-up comedy filmed across all 50 States, he won a $51 cash prize for “best set” at Thai Rivera’s show in Las Vegas which he immediately spent on the Uber ride to the next show.

Zach won the “2022 Honolulu Fall Down Funny Comedy Tournament” in Hawai’i and was also awarded “Best New Comic in Hawai’i of 2022” by ComedyU (which he thought would look really good in his bio).

He has opened for Hawai’i legend Andy Bumatai, rising star Tumua in San Diego as well as highly respected comics Paul Ogata and Butch Bradley, among many others.

Zach has been on Tyler Smith’s Dope Show, Monica Nevi’s Super Secret Show in Seattle and opened for Shaun Latham at the Tempe Improv.

He is currently filming an entirely improvised road documentary series in which he interviews comics from various backgrounds about their journey.

He attempts to capture the different challenges faced by a comic from abroad who doesn’t eat meat and is allergic to horses while living his dream on the road in America.

FRIDAY, June 23

8pm (Doors open at 7)

Crystal City Sports Pub (3rd Floor Lounge)

529 23rd St S, Arlington, VA 22202

(Dinner/Food/Drinks available before show)


$15 – General Admission

$20 – VIP (Seating Up Front)

[email protected]

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