Still-Life Painting Workshop: Capturing Still-Life with Oil with Teresa Oaxaca

September Splendor: A Journey through Imagery and Emotion
Dive into a world where art and nature elegantly intertwine, in Teresa’s exclusive 2-Day Still Life Painting Workshop. This unforgettable experience is set to unfold this September, inviting artists and art enthusiasts of all levels to explore the sophisticated charm and complexity of still life painting through the lush medium of oil paints.

Workshop Highlights
Set against the backdrop of the serene autumn season, Teresa’s workshop is a sanctuary for those seeking to immerse themselves in the art of observation, interpretation, and creation. Here’s what makes this workshop a must-attend event:

  1. Live Painting & Instruction
    Witness the magic in Teresa’s brushstrokes as she paints from life, sharing her profound insights and techniques. Participants will benefit from real-time demonstrations, gaining an understanding of her unique approach to still life painting.

  2. Exclusive Access to a World of Subjects
    What sets this workshop apart is the fascinating array of subjects available for study and painting. From the gentle curves of delicate flowers to the bold contours of various animal taxidermy species, and an intriguing collection of bric-a-brac—each object tells a story, waiting to be explored and depicted through your canvas.

  3. Creative Composition & Narrative Crafting
    Teresa encourages participants to experiment with arranging their own still life setups. This hands-on experience is designed not only to hone your compositional skills but also to teach you how to weave mood and narrative into your artwork, transforming ordinary scenes into captivating stories.

  4. Personalized Guidance & Feedback
    With Teresa’s attentive guidance and constructive feedback, every participant will find the support and encouragement needed to enhance their painting techniques. Whether you’re a beginner curious about oil paints or an advanced artist looking to deepen your practice, this workshop is tailored to your artistic journey.

  5. Inspiration & Community Surrounded by the beauty of still life subjects and the warmth of fellow enthusiasts, this workshop offers a truly inspirational environment. It’s a place to connect, share, and grow together in the pursuit of art.

For details on registration, please visit our website! The Still-Life Painting Workshop: Capturing Still-Life with Oil with Teresa Oaxaca will take place on Saturday & Sunday, September 21st & 22nd from 10am-4pm at Art House 7.