March 25, 2017 7:00pm–8:00pm

Taliah Graves

One More Page Books

2200 N Westmoreland Street #101

Arlington, Virginia 22213

Author, Motivational Speaker, and Peace & Healing Curator Taliah Shiree Graves will host her signature “Let’s Talk About It…” series event in celebration of the launch of her new book, “No More Chains.” At this event Taliah will do a select reading, open the floor to initiate a group discussion and autograph copies of her book.

“No More Chains” is an Anthology that contains 11 stories from women who have overcome obstacles and succeeded against the odds in different areas of life.

It took 27 years for Taliah to discover her life’s purpose. So many women can relate to her feelings of being lost and wandering through life. But how many can say that they’ve cut through the confusion and discovered who they truly are?

In Taliah’s chapter she shares her determination to live the life God has for her rather than solely pursuing what would make other people happy and comfortable. She also shares how she discovered her God given purpose after SEEKING HIM first and opening herself to the clarity and peace that she had been seeking all of her life and now dwells in.

No More Chains is not only a book, but it is also a film and a movement. Read more about the movement here: www.NoMoreChainsMovement.com Read more about me and my chapter in the book on my blog site here: http://www.humblesunshine.com/2471-2/

About Taliah Shiree Graves:

Taliah is a Motivational Blogger, Peace & Healing Curator, Accountability Coach and Speaker.

Through her God-given gift of connecting with people, she has dedicated her life’s work to providing genuine guidance and a listening ear to help women (of all ages) going through transitional seasons in their lives.

With over 10 years of mentoring experience, she motivates and uplifts them in a way that shows them love, builds them up, and brings out the very best and most positive parts of them. She helps them dig deeper and become more aware of themselves. As a result, she helps them find peace and healing in their lives so that they stop making the same mistakes.

Countless women are saying nothing but great things about Taliah and how she “listens from within and not from other people’s perspectives,” how she’s “able to empathize and understand what others have gone through,” and that she is “genuine and not just an act.”


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