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Ms Peacock's Champagne Lounge
929 N Garfield St
Arlington, Virginia 22201

Get in touch with the mystic side of life with a four-hour tarot card reading workshop and support animals in need!

What is tarot really?
It isn’t the spooky carnival trick that is commonly depicted in movies. Rather, tarot is a powerful tool for introspection, mindfulness and self care, and a means of connecting with others by helping them to dig deeper. It does not have to be mystical – though it can be.

Tarot is best learned by doing, so this four-hour beginner’s tarot workshop is designed to give you all the tools and basic information you need to begin practicing tarot readings for yourself and others.

You will learn:
– A brief history of tarot
– The tarot deck’s structure, and what makes it different from other systems of divination
-Interpreting a tarot card intuitively
– Standard and non-standard meanings of the 22 Major Arcana cards
– How the four elements appear in the Minor Arcana, and how this can guide our understanding of the 16 Court Card personalities
– Principles for interpreting the 40 numbered cards of the Minor Arcana
– Weaving separate card meanings together into a simple 3-card reading

What you need:
Students should bring materials for taking notes. While practice tarot decks will be available, students may also benefit from bringing their own tarot deck to learn with. It is generally easiest to start learning tarot with a Rider-Waite-Smith deck (for reasons we will uncover during class), so students who wish to purchase a deck to bring with them are encouraged to buy a RWS deck or another deck closely modeled on the RWS.

Emily from Woven Psyche has been reading tarot for 10+ years and is Co-Facilitator of the Capital Tarot Society. In 2018, she founded Woven Psyche as a platform for teaching tarot from a self-care perspective and helping tarot readers grow their businesses so they can experience greater financial freedom. You can learn more about Woven Psyche at and on Instagram at @wovenpsyche.

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