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The Innocents Punch Party with Maria Gaspar

Mason Exhibitions Arlington
3601 Fairfax Dr
Arlington, Virginia 22201

Join us on Friday, March 15, 7-9pm at Mason Exhibitions Arlington to witness and participate in The Innocents Punch Party with Maria Gaspar.

The Innocents provide a dramatic soundscape which endeavor to explore various aspects of the issues surrounding wrongful imprisonment and exoneration in the American criminal justice system. Enveloping the soundscape will be a commissioned sonic sculpture of decommissioned jail bars of Maria Gaspar, exploring how these artifacts transfigure what were once materials of confinement into new experiences of liberation.

Additionally Gaspar will lead a ‘punch party’ where Gaspar aims to abol­ish carceral spaces by incorporating prints of current Virginia carceral spaces into the Disappearance Jails project. These prints will be obscured through perforations by exhibition visitors.

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