June 13, 2017 6:00pm–7:00pm

The Retreat of Western Liberalism: An Interview with Edward Luce

Mercatus Center

3434 Washington Blvd, 4th floor

Arlington, Virginia 22201

Is liberal democracy in crisis? With recent political events in the West–including the unexpectedly close presidential race in France, Brexit, and the election of President Trump–are we seeing a shift toward populism, nationalism, and an overall rejection of the political establishment?

Join Mercatus Center General Director Tyler Cowen for a conversation with Financial Times chief US columnist Edward Luce on new challenges facing the West and what this means for the future of our political institutions.

In Luce’s new book, The Retreat of Western Liberalism, he argues that we are on a menacing trajectory brought about by ignorance of what it took to build the West, arrogance towards society’s economic losers, and complacency about our system’s durability―attitudes that have been emerging since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

In this timely analysis, Luce concludes that the West’s crisis was not invented in 2016. Nor will it vanish in 2017. It is structurally likely to persist, and those who dismiss this as a blip in history are doing the future of liberal democracy no favors.

Reception and book signing to follow.


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