Arlington, VA

What Five Books Should You Read to be An Educated Jew?

Congregation Etz Hayim
2920 Arlington Boulevard
Arlington, Virginia 22204

What Five Books Should You Read to be An Educated Jew? with Amy Schwartz

What does it mean to be Jewishly educated? What is an educated Jew? Earlier this year, Moment Magazine came up with a novel approach to these perennial questions: It asked leading artists, intellectuals and scholars to name and describe five books they would recommend “to be an educated Jew.” The lists sparked an immense reader response; it turns out that nearly everyone has a list, and no two lists are alike.

Moment Magazine book editor Amy Schwartz will lead a lively discussion and share “sports analytics” on the recommendations that have poured in: Which authors score highest? Which authors have hit doubles or triples, with more than one title picked?

More seriously, what kinds of books do people value the most, and what’s a Jewish education, anyway?

Bring your own suggestions, and we’ll provide extra fun, surveys of congregational favorites, maybe even a bracket!

After this class, you’ll never run out of things to read.

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