Arlington, VA

Winterbirds at Arlington Community Church

Arlington Community Church
6040 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, Virginia 22205

Eclectic Acoustic Music ensemble Winterbirds presents a concert for the Arlington community. This diverse and thrilling set will combine original music from their debut album Shaker Songs, previews from their upcoming release Annie Bell’s Quilt, as well as covers and selections from the Classical and Appalachian folk repertoire.

About Us:
Combining their varied backgrounds in Folk, Classical, and Experimental genres, the musicians of Winterbirds weave intricate fabrics of sound. Their debut album, Shaker Songs, juxtaposes humility, duty, and self in the poetry of the American Shakers. Their most recent project, Annie Bell’s Quilt, continues the Shaker theme with a dreamlike contemplation of gift-giving, community, labor, and love. Incandescent harmonies, etched counterpoint, and shimmering ornaments intertwine to form an elaborate but graceful whole. Listen and find out more at

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