Arlington, VA

Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference

George Mason University
3351 Fairfax Dr
Arlington, Virginia 22201

Official Website:

Join us at our half day conference for another great opportunity to hear inspiring and motivating speakers as well as a chance to network with experts and fellow entrepreneurs. Learn and ask questions about how to take the steps necessary to fulfill your dream business and how to navigate any obstacles that arise.
Our sponsors: Freedom Start Foundation, 30 Second Pitch, Joe ProBono and George Mason University want to build upon the success of the first conference and provide an environment to nurture, enhance and support women entrepreneurs of any age at any stage. We strongly believe that it is never too late to start and are devoted to supporting entrepreneurs regardless of age, education or demographic. Because WEC18 was so well received last November, this conference will continue to carry out our mission.

Our wonderful guest speakers include:
-Diane Lempert
-Gisèle Stolz
-Monica Mehta
-Anjali Varma
-Joseph Sprung
-Marcy Borofsky
-David Miller
Looking forward to greeting you at #WEC19!

Check our website for more details and a schedule to come!

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