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Yoga Basics in Ballston!

The Teal Center
4001 9th St N #230
Arlington, Virginia 22203

Maybe you don’t think you’re flexible, or your balance isn’t great, or you have NO clue how to stop thinking when you meditate (or you’ve never tried meditation!)

You can still be an AWESOME yogi. And we think that yoga is fun, powerful, and accessible for any body.

In this 60-minute class, we’re going to move slowly. We’re going to explain the poses. We’re going to ask questions. We’re going to sweat!

Our basics class is dedicated to helping you fall in love with yoga (and yourself). You’ll get to explore new shapes, new ways of breathing, and new ways of relating to your own body, ALL in an accessible, fun, no-judgement way.

Classes are held at The Teal Center in Ballston – Register for class at shop.behappyhealthyhuman.com!

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