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Neighborhood: Greater Clarendon

Hobbies: Kids soccer games, avoiding PTA calls to duty, running, tennis, passive aggressive behavior towards kool-aid drinking liberals, church, complaining about the Republican party and its Evangelical elements.

Favorite Hangouts: Liberty Tavern for Happy Hour, Cava for their Gyros and sampler plate, Guajillo for their ceviche; Rio Grande and Pie-Tanza for kids meals; Eventide upper deck for date night, with a smattering of Lyon Hall and North Side Social for casual fun.

I live just outside the Clarendon Boundary, which is great since I can walk to all the local bars & restaurants, but don't have people parking in front of my house for their night out. Love the area, but as a fiscal conservative, I just don't understand some of the financial priorities of the County Board / Obama Administration; but as a somewhat libertarian, I wish the federal government (i.e. social conservatives) would stay out of the bedroom and women's issues - Live and let live!


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