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The pandemic has claimed yet another local restaurant — and this time, it’s one of the oldest bars in Arlington.

Summers, the soccer bar at 1520 N. Courthouse Road, will not reopen, owner Joe Javidara confirmed to ARLnow today. The restaurant’s furnishings — from kitchen equipment to framed soccer memorabilia to the Tiffany-style stained glass lamps — are now being offered for auction through Oct. 13.

Summers temporarily closed at the end of August, warning that the closure could be permanent if it was unable to obtain a permit for an expanded outdoor seating area. Javidara said he was not able to get the county permit and instead made the tough decision to close permanently.

A staple of the Courthouse neighborhood, Summers first opened in December 1982. It showed soccer matches from around the world at a time “when no one else in the U.S. watched soccer,” Javidara said, but went on to serve millions of customers over its 38 years.

It has remained in business through big changes to Arlington, but rent increases have made it difficult to make ends meet, said Javidara. It was set to close eventually due to a planned redevelopment of the block, but COVID-19 hastened the inevitable.

Javidara says he has been losing money every month since the start of the pandemic. The main dining used to hold 150 cheering soccer fans, but social distancing restrictions reduced that to 16. Only a handful actually would show up to watch the games, making it hard to retain employees who rely on tips.

Sales were off 95%, Javidara said, but the rent remained $20,000 per month. He said he was also unable to obtain a federal Paycheck Protection Program loan as a potential lifeline.

“It’s disappointing we have to go like this after 38 years,” Javidara told ARLnow.

Still, there’s some hope for the future. After taking some time off, something he hasn’t been able to do for decades, Javidra said he’ll test the waters to see if any investors might want to help Summers reopen elsewhere, perhaps as soon as next year.

Any new location would have to have more outdoor seating and, potentially, a rooftop. A German beer garden with sports could be a new format worth exploring, he said.

“We’ll look for another place,” he said.


Summers Restaurant to Close

U.S. Soccer fans gather at Summer's Restaurant 06/26/14Summers Restaurant and Sports Bar in Courthouse will close after Dec. 31.

The restaurant announced on its Facebook page Friday that it is terminating its lease as of Jan. 1, 2015. It did not specify a reason for the lease termination.

“We are very grateful to our loyal customers who throughout the past 30 years have made it possible for Summers to twice be voted as America’s Best Sports Bar,” the restaurant said.

Summers said it is looking for a partner to help it move to a new location.


After nearly 40 years, Joe Javidara said the future of his soccer-themed bar Summers Restaurant in Courthouse (1520 N. Courthouse Road) hinges on a permit he said is being processed through Arlington County government.

The restaurant announced on Monday that it was temporarily closed until it could get a permit for outdoor seating.

Like many local restaurant owners with insufficient indoor seating to allow for social distancing, Javidara said getting one of the county’s temporary outdoor seating requests is crucial to ensuring that customers feel safe returning to local eateries.

Jessica Margarit, spokeswoman for the Department of Community Planning, Housing & Development, said the county has received 110 applications for Temporary Outdoor Seating Area permits. Of those, 75 have been approved. Four were denied while 13 remain under review. The other 17 are listed as inactive — meaning they have not followed up with staff on requests for additional information — and one was withdrawn.

Asked about it by ARLnow, Margarit said the county had not received a new TOSA application from Summers yet.

Dear Summers friends,We will TEMPORARILY CLOSE until we get an outdoor seating permit from the Arlington, County. …

Posted by Summers Restaurant & Sports Bar on Monday, August 31, 2020

It’s a process the county has worked to make easier over the last few months, but Javidara faces a critical snag: his sidewalk is too narrow. An earlier application in June was denied because staff found that putting the restaurant space on the sidewalk would not allow enough space for pedestrians to safely maneuver.

“This time, I went to county and told them we’re going to close, we’ve closed already,” Javidara said. “We got the application. Hopefully we’ll see. They’re going to send the engineer to check it out… Without the outside seating we can’t pay the rent.”

Javidara’s solution had been to utilize the on-street parking area, removing four parking spaces to make way for tables with a cleared space on the sidewalk between the seating and the restaurant for pedestrians to pass through. It’s a move that’s been implemented in places like Clarendon and Shirlington, and in other jurisdictions like Alexandria, to the benefit of local restaurants.

He tried that approach in June, arguing that no one was coming to work in the nearby buildings anyway, but was rejected.

“We tried to open anyway, but we’re losing a lot of money and paying $20,000 in rent,” Javidara said. “And there’s no sports, so it feels like everything is against us.”

It isn’t the first time Summers Restaurant has been in dire straits. In 2014, Javidara expressed similar concerns about increasing rent possibly driving the restaurant out of business.

Now, he’s been told the application could be processed sometime in the next two or three weeks. Margarit said the average application reviews for TOSA permits take 5-10 days, sometimes less.

“They’re slow these days,” Javidara said. “By the time we get it, it could maybe be the end of October. There might still be a few weeks of nice weather. We’ve been here for 37 or 38 years, but if this doesn’t go through we’re going to go.”

Regardless, the building Summers calls home may not be long for this world: the entire block is set for redevelopment.


Time has expired for Spanish tapas restaurant and soccer-watching venue Copa Kitchen & Bar in Ballston.

The establishment at Ballston Quarter mall served its final brunches over the weekend after apparently failing to score with local diners. Of course, stiff opposition — in the form of the pandemic and a labor shortage — probably didn’t help.

Copa opened in March 2019, in a separate space adjacent to the Quarter Market food hall. It offered Spanish-inspired small plates, flatbreads, sangria from its “sangria garden,” outdoor seating and soccer matches on the bar’s TVs.

Late last month, however, Copa announced on its website it would soon close.

We’ve got some news to share about Copa Kitchen & Bar. We’re closing our doors and serving our last brunch on Sunday November 7th. We have had such a good time bringing you our Spanish inspired tapas and being a part of the Ballston Quarter family over the last two years. We want to thank every customer who has dined with us, watched games with us, followed our journey on social media or enjoyed a happy hour with us. We’d like to extend a special thanks to the customers who have supported us (and all restaurants) through the pandemic.

Today workers could be seen in the restaurant space, packing up items and removing some of the fixtures.

It’s the second time in just over a year that a soccer-centric restaurant has shuttered in Arlington. Summers Restaurant in Courthouse closed last fall ahead of a redevelopment project.


The restaurant business is hurting nationwide.

The pandemic has kept diners at home and contributed to the closure of thousands of restaurants. It has also prompted temporary restrictions on how restaurants operate, which in Virginia means no bar seating, reduced capacities, and increased cleaning expenses, among other things.

Here in Arlington, at least 17 restaurants have closed since the start of the pandemic; the most recent closures include Spirits of ’76 and Riverside Hot Pot in Clarendon, and Summers in Courthouse. Owners of restaurants that have closed, who have talked to ARLnow, have said that business — particularly indoor business — was greatly reduced, while the already-high rent stayed the same.

(There have been restaurant openings amid the carnage, however, including Colony Grill in Clarendon, Lee’s Sandwiches in Ballston, and Ruthie’s All-Day in Arlington Heights.)

What’s keeping diners away is pretty simple: it’s risky to dine out during a pandemic. Doing anything in an indoor, confined space without a mask, including eating, elevates one’s risk of contracting COVID-19.

Outdoor dining is safer — a new contact tracing report from the City of Alexandria saw only about 2% of new COVID patients report recently dining outside — but, of course, the weather is now getting colder, making it a less attractive option, even with the mass deployment of heaters.

In the meantime, coronavirus cases nationwide are increasing, though for now new cases locally are holding relatively steady.

Given all that, how do currently feel about dining out? Are you willing to dine inside a restaurant at this point?


Tired of making lunch and dinner? Luckily, many of Arlington’s restaurants are still open and ready to serve you via takeout and delivery.

Support a local business during a trying time and get some tasty food. This list is designed to let you call or order online with one tap.

A very special thank you to Arlington Community Federal Credit Union for sponsoring this feature. See anything that needs to be added or changed? Email ARLnow’s Turquoise Jackson at [email protected].

*Asterisk indicates restaurants only open for takeout

(3924 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 202-558-7549 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats | Caviar

Aabee Express (1101 S. Joyce Street Unit B27)
Menu | 703-888-2858 | Doordash | Uber Eats

Abi Aztec Grill & Bar (3005 Columbia Pike)
Menu | 703-979-3579 | Doordash | Grubhub | Postmates

Acme Pie Co. (2803 Columbia Pike)*
Menu | 703-647-9548

Aladdin Sweets and Tandoor (5169 Lee Highway)
Menu | 703-533-0077 | Grubhub | Uber Eats | Postmates

All About Burger (3325 Wilson Boulevard/4238 Wilson Boulevard Suite 1276)
Menu | 703-636-2577/571-444-4050 | Uber Eats | Postmates

Allspice Catering (6017 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-524-4050 | In-House | Doordash

Ambar Clarendon (2901 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-875-9663 | In-House | Grubhub | Uber Eats

Amore Congelato (1201 S. Joyce Street)
Menu | 571-483-0891 | Doordash | Uber Eats

Arlington Kabob (5046 Lee Highway)
Menu | 703-531-1498 | Grubhub

Aroma Indian Cuisine (4052 Campbell Avenue)
Menu | 703-575-8800 | In-House | Doordash | Postmates

Arrowine & Cheese (4508 Lee Highway)*
Menu | 703-525-0990

Asahi (2250 Clarendon Boulevard Suite G)
Menu | 703-243-7007 | Doordash | Uber Eats

Asia Bistro (1301 S. Joyce Street #D7)
Menu | 703-413-2002 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats | Postmates

Athena Pallas (556 22nd Street S.)*
Menu | 703-521-3870

Atilla’s Restaurant (2705 Columbia Pike)
Menu | 703-920-4900 | Doordash | Grubhub

Bakeshop (1025 N. Fillmore Street G)
Now closed (temporary)

Bangkok 54 Restaurant & Bar (2919 Columbia Pike)
Menu | 703-521-4070 | In-House

Bar Bao (3100 Clarendon Boulevard)
Menu | 703-600-0500 | Doordash | Postmates

Barley Mac (1600 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 571-800-3070 | Doordash | Grubhub | Postmates

Basic Burger (1101 S. Joyce Street)
Menu | 703-248-9333 | Doordash | Grubhub | Caviar

Best Buns Bread Co. (4010 Campbell Avenue)
Menu | 703-578-1500 | In-House

BiBiMix (1910 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-387-0131 | Doordash | Grubhub | Postmates | Uber Eats

Big Buns Damn Good Burger Co. (4251 Campbell Avenue/4401 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-933-2867/703-276-3032 | Doordash | Grubhub

Bob & Edith’s Diner (2310 Columbia Pike)
Menu | 703-920-6103 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats

Bonchon (2201 N. Pershing Drive Suite E)
Menu | 703-528-1011 | Doordash

Bonefish Grill (1101 S. Joyce Street B26)
Menu | 703-412-2837 | Doordash | Uber Eats

Bonsai Grill (553 23rd Street S.)*
Menu | 703-553-7723

Boru Ramen (2915 Columbia Pike)
Menu | 703-521-2811 | In-House

Bozzelli’s (2600 Crystal Drive)
Menu | 571-970-4570 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats

Bread & Water Co. (1202 S. Joyce Street)
Menu | 703-567-6698 | In-House

Bricks Pizza (4809 1st Street N.)
Menu | 703-243-6600 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats | Postmates

Bronson Bierhall (4100 Fairfax Drive #100)
Menu | 703-528-1110 | Doordash | Grubhub

Bronx Pizza (3100 Clarendon Boulevard #5)
Menu | 703-812-0833 | In-House

Brooklyn Bagel Bakery (2055 Wilson Boulevard)*
Menu | 703-243-4442 |

Bun’d Up (1201 S. Joyce Street)
Menu | 571-312-4908 | Caviar

Burger 7 (2515 Lee Highway)
Menu | 703-516-7060 | Doordash |Grubhub | Uber Eats

Burger District (2024 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-527-2160 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats

Burrito Bros (2599 Columbia Pike)
Menu | 703-302-3999| Doordash | Postmates

Busboys And Poets (4251 Campbell Avenue)
Menu | 703-379-9757 | Grubhub | Postmates

Buuz Thai Eatery (1926 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-875-3998 | Grubhub | Postmates | Caviar

Cafe Sazon (4704 Columbia Pike)
Menu | 703-566-1686 | Grubhub

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop (1500 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-566-1686 | Grubhub | Postmates | Caviar

Carlyle (4000 Campbell Avenue)
Menu | 703-931-0777 | In-House

Caspi Restaurant and Lounge (2901 Columbia Pike)
Menu | 703-566-4173 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats

CAVA (4121 Wilson Boulevard)*
Menu | 703-310-6791

Charga Grill (5151 Lee Highway)
Menu | 703-988-6063 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats | Postmates

Cheesetique (4024 Campbell Avenue)
Menu | 703-933-8787 | Doordash

Chicago’s Pizza With A Twist (5645 Lee Highway)
Menu | 571-347-1700 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats | Postmates

Chill Zone Cafe (2442 N. Harrison Street)*
Menu | 703-270-9466

CIRCA at Clarendon (3010 Clarendon Boulevard)*
Menu | 703-522-3010

City Kabob & Curry House (3205 Columbia Pike)
Menu | 571-257-8816 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats

Compass Coffee (1201 Wilson Boulevard/4100 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 202-251-7402 | Doordash

Copperwood Tavern (4021 Campbell Avenue)
Menu | 703-552-8010 | Grubhub

Courthaus Social (2300 Clarendon Boulevard)
Menu | 703-243-4900 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats

Courthouse Kabob (2045 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-294-9999 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats

Cowboy Cafe (4792 Lee Highway)
Menu | 703-243-8010 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats | Postmates

Crystal City Sports Pub (529 23rd Street S.)
Menu | 703-521-8910 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats | In-House

Crystal Thai Restaurant (4819 1st Street)
Menu | 703-522-1311 | Grubhub

DAK Chicken (4040 Campbell Avenue)
Menu | 571-982-5862 | In-House

Dama Ethiopian Restaurant & Pastry (1505 Columbia Pike)
Menu | 571-982-5862 | Doordash

Delhi Club (1135 N. Highland Street)*
Menu | 703-527-5666

Delhi Dhaba (2424 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-524-0008 | Doordash | Grubhub | Postmates | Uber Eats

Deli Italiano Gourmet Pizza and Subs (6505 29th Street N.)
Menu | 703-300-9578 | Doordash | Grubhub | Postmates

District Taco (1500 Wilson Boulevard/5723 Lee Highway)
Menu | 571-290-6854/703-237-1204 | In-House | Postmates | Caviar

Earl’s Sandwiches (2605 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-248-0150 | Doordash

East West Grill (2721 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-312-4888 | Grubhub | Uber Eats | Postmates

El Fuego (2300 N. Pershing Drive)
Menu | 703-888-1265 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats

El Paso Cafe (4235 N. Pershing Drive)
Menu | 703-243-9811 | Uber Eats

El Pollo Rico (932 N. Kenmore Street)
Menu | 703-522-3220 | In-House

El Rancho Migueleno (3709 Columbia Pike #1
Menu | 571-858-5395 | Grubhub

Elevation Burger (2447 N. Harrison Street)
Menu | 703-534-2302 | In-House

Enjera Restaurant (549 23rd Street S.)
Menu | 703-271-6040 | Grubhub

Epic Smokehouse (1330 S. Fern Street)*
Menu | 571-319-4001

Essy’s Carriage House Restaurant (4030 Lee Highway)*
Menu | 703-525-2207

Euro Market (2201 Wilson Boulevard)*
Menu | 703-351-7700

Extreme Pizza (3444 Fairfax Drive)
Menu | 571-777-1088 | In-House

Federico Ristorante Italiano (519 23rd Street S.)
Menu | 703-486-0519 | Doordash

Fettoosh (5100 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-527-7710 | Postmates

Fillmore Pizza (5175 Lee Highway)
Menu | 703-532-9010 | Doordash | Grubhub

Fire Works Pizza (2350 Clarendon Boulevard)
Menu | 703-527-8700 | Doordash | Grubhub

First Down Sports Bar & Grill (4213 Fairfax Drive)
Menu | 703-465-8888 | Doordash

Four Sisters Grill (3035 Clarendon Boulevard)
Menu | 703-243-9020 | Postmates

Fyve Restaurant (1250 S. Hayes Street #5000)*
Menu | 703-412-2762

Gaijin Ramen Shop (3800 Lee Highway)
Menu | 703-566-9236 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats | Postmates

Galaxy Hut (2711 Wilson Boulevard)*
Menu | 703-525-8646

Good Company Doughnuts & Cafe (672 N. Glebe Road)
Menu | 703-243-3000 | Grubhub | Uber Eats | Caviar

Good Fortune Chinese Restaurant (3209 Columbia Pike)
Menu | 703-920-8891 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats

Goody’s Pizza (3125 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-243-7992 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats

Grand Cru Wine Bar and Bistro (4301 Wilson Boulevard #100)
Menu | 703-243-7900 | Grubhub

Guajillo Mexican Cuisine (1727 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-807-0840 | Doordash | Uber Eats

Guapo’s (4028 Campbell Avenue)
Menu | 703-671-1701 | Doordash

Hanabi Ramen (3024 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-351-1275 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats

Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe (2150 N. Culpeper Street)
Menu | 703-527-8394 | Postmates

Hot Lola’s (4238 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-807-0044 | Doordash | Grubhub | Caviar | Uber Eats

I-CE-NY (4150 Campbell Avenue #1010)
Menu | 571-207-6318 | Doordash

Il Radicchio (1801 Clarendon Boulevard)
Menu | 703-276-2627 | Doordash | Postmates

Ireland’s Four Courts (2051 Wilson Boulevard)*
Menu | 703-525-3600

Istanbul Grill (4617 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 571-970-5828 | Doordash | Postmates

Jarochita (85 N. Glebe Road)*
Menu | 703-528-2789

Joe’s Place Pizza & Pasta (5555 Lee Highway)
Menu | 703-532-0990 | Doordash | Grubhub

Kabob Bazaar (3133 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-522-8999 | Doordash | Postmates

Kabob Palace (2315 S. Eads Street)
Menu | 703-486-3535 | Doordash

Kings Of Koshary (5515 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 571-317-7925 | Doordash | Postmates

La Cote D’or Cafe (6876 Lee Highway)
Menu | 703-538-3033 | In-House

La Finca Mexican Restaurant (3227 Washington Boulevard)
Menu | 703-243-5500 | Doordash

La Union Restaurant (5517 Wilson Boulevard)*
Menu | 703-522-0134

LEBTAV – Lebanese Taverna (4000 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-997-4190 | Doordash | Grubhub

Liberty Tavern (3195 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-465-9360 | Doordash |

Living the Pie Life (2166 N. Glebe Road)*
Menu | 571-431-7727

Lost Dog Cafe (5876 Washington Boulevard/2920 Columbia Pike)
Menu | 703-237-1552/703-553-7770 | In-House | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats | Postmates

Mario’s Pizza House (3322 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-525-0222 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats | Postmates

Masala Express (2622A N. Pershing Drive)
Menu | 703-647-9079 | Doordash | Grubhub

Maya Bistro (5649 Lee Highway)
Menu | 703-533-7800 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats

McDonalds (40 N. Glebe Road)
Menu | 703-243-5694 | Uber Eats

McNamara’s Pub & Restaurant (567 23rd Street S.)
Menu | 703-302-3760 | In-House

Medium Rare (3601 Fairfax Frive)
Menu | 703-243-2020 | Doordash | Grubhub | Postmates

Mejana (2300 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-465-4440 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats | Postmates

Mele Bistro (1723 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-522-5222 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats | Postmates

Meridian Pint (6035 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-300-9655 | Doordash | Grubhub

Mexicali Blues (2933 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-812-9352 | Doordash | Uber Eats

Mike’s Cafe (900 N. Stuart Street #102)*
Menu | 703-312-7371

Moby Dick House of Kabob (3000 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-465-1600 | Doordash | Grubhub | Postmates

Mom’s Pizza Restaurant (3255 Columbia Pike)
Menu | 703-920-7789 | Doordash

Mrs. Chen’s Kitchen (3101 Columbia Pike)
Menu | 703-920-3199 | Grubhub

Namaste Everest (1202 S. Joyce Street #c003)
Menu | 703-567-4322 | Doordash | Grubhub

Nando’s Peri Peri (4401 Wilson Boulevard/1301 S. Joyce Street #D10/1800 N. Lynn Street #100)
Menu | 703-888-5459/571-858-9953/571-200-7909

Northside Social (3211 Wilson Boulevard)*
Menu | 703-465-0145

Oby Lee (3000 N. Washington Boulevard)*
Menu | 571-257-5054

Old Dominion Pizza (4514 Lee Highway)
Menu | 703-718-6372 | In-House

Olive Express Mediterranean Cafe (1100 N. Glebe Road)
Now closed (temporary)

Open Road (1201 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-248-0760 | In-House

Osteria da Nino (2900 S. Quincy Street)
Menu | 703-820-1128

Paisano’s Pizza (2201 N. Pershing Drive)
Menu | 703-528-1000 | Doordash

Pamplona (3100 Clarendon Boulevard)
Menu | 703-685-9950 | Doordash | Uber Eats

Panda Bowl (3207 Columbia Pike)
Menu | 703-271-9881 | Doordash

Pastries By Randolph (4500 Lee Highway)*
Menu | 703-243-0070

Peking Pavilion (2912 N. Sycamore Street)
Menu | 703-237-6868 | Doordash | Grubhub

Peter Chang (2503E N. Harrison Street)
Menu | 703-538-6688 | Doordash

Pho 75 (1201 Wilson Boulevard)*
Menu | 703-525-7355

pie-tanza (2503 N. Harrison Street)*
Menu | 703-237-0200

Pike Bolivian Restaurant (4111 Columbia Pike)
Menu | 703-521-3010 | Doordash

Portabellos (2109 N. Pollard Street)
Menu | 703-528-1557 | Doordash

Pupatella (1621 S. Walter Reed Drive)*
Menu | 703-647-9076 | Square

Quarterdeck (1200 Fort Myer Drive)
Menu | 703-528-2722 | Postmates

Quinn’s On The Corner (1776 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-640-3566 | Doordash | Grubhub | Postmates

Ragtime (1345 N. Courthouse)
Menu | 703-243-4003 | Uber Eats

Rappahannock Coffee (2406 Columbia Pike)*
Menu | 703-271-0007

Ravi Chatkhara (303 N. Glebe Road)*
Menu | 703-522-0786

Rebellion On The Pike (2900 Columbia Pike)
Menu | 703-664-0297 | Grubhub

Rhodeside Grill (1836 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-243-0145 | Uber Eats

Ricky’s Pub & Grill (237 N. Glebe Road)
Menu | 703-243-7400 | Doordash | Grubhub

Rincome Thai Cuisine (3030 Columbia Pike)
Menu | 703-979-0144 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats | Caviar

Robeks Fresh Juice and Smoothies (4115 Campbell Avenue)*
Menu | 703-379-5640

Rocklands Barbeque & Grilling Company (3471 Washington Boulevard)
Menu | 703-528-9663 | Grubhub

Rus Uz (1000 N. Randolph Street #3a)
Menu | 571-312-4086 | In-House

Rustico (4075 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 571-384-1820 | Doordash

Ruth’s Chris Steak House (2231 Crystal Drive 11th Floor)
Menu | 703-979-7275 | Postmates

Saigon (1101 S. Joyce Street #B16)
Menu | 703-412-0822 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats

Salt (1201 Wilson Boulevard G113)*
Menu | 703-875-0491

Samual Beckett’s Irish Gastro Pub (2800 S. Randolph Street #110)
Menu | 703-379-0122

Sawatdee Thai Restaurant (2250 Clarendon Boulevard)
Menu | 703-527-5858 | In-House

Screwtop Wine Bar (1025 N. Fillmore Street)
Menu | 703-888-0845 | In-House

Sense of Place Cafe (4807 1st Street N.)
Menu | 571-319-0414 | Uber Eats

SER Restaurant (1110 N. Glebe Road)
Menu | 703-746-9822 | Doordash | Grubhub | Postmates | Uber Eats

Sicilian Pizza (923 S. Walter Reed Drive)
Menu | 703-920-9110 | Doordash | Grubhub | Uber Eats

Silver Diner (3200 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-812-8600 | Doordash | Postmates | Uber Eats

Sine (1301 S. Joyce Street)
Menu | 703-415-4420 | Doordash

Sloppy Mama’s BBQ (5731 Lee Highway)*
Menu | 703-269-2718

Smoothie King (1101 S. Joyce Street Suite B9)
Menu | 703-414-7832 | Doordash

Sofia’s Pupuseria (3610 Columbia Pike)
Menu | 571-483-0487 | Doordash

South Block (3011 N. 11th Street/4150 Wilson Boulevard/1550 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-465-8423 | Uber Eats

Spider Kelly’s (3181 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 703-312-8888 | Doordash | Grubhub

Spirits of 76 (3211 Washington Boulevard)
Menu | 703-528-7676 | Doordash | Grubhub

Spring Mill Bread Co. (2201 N. Pershing Drive)*
Menu | 571-970-0418

Stone Hot Pizza (3217 Washington Boulevard)
Menu | 571-290-0171 | Doordash | Grubhub | Postmates | Uber Eats

Summers Restaurant (1520 N. Courthouse Road)*
Menu | 703-528-8278

Sushi Rock (1900 Clarendon Boulevard)
Menu | 571-312-8027 | Doordash | Grubhub

Sushi Zen (2457 N. Harrison Street)
Menu | 703-534-6000 | Doordash | Uber Eats

Sushi2Go (901 N. Stuart Street #117)
Menu | 703-243-4000 | Postmates

T.H.A.I. in Shirlington (4029 Campbell Avenue)
Menu | 703-931-3203 | Doordash

Taco Pina (4041 Campbell Avenue)
Menu | 703-567-4747 | Grubhub

Taco Rock (1501 Wilson Boulevard)
Menu | 571-970-5365 | Doordash

Takohachi Japanese Restaurant (3249 Columbia Pike)
Menu | 571-312-7678 | Doordash | Grubhub

Taqueria el Poblano (2503A N. Harrison Street/2401 Columbia Pike)
Menu | 703-237-8250/703-271-8979

Tasteful Delight Chinese Cafe (1301 S. Joyce Street 3D23)
Menu | 703-418-9898 | Postmates

Ted’s Bulletin (4238 Wilson Boulevard)*
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A minor parking mishap attracted a crowd of restaurant owners in Courthouse yesterday.

Just before lunchtime, the “KBBQ Taco Box 2” food truck accidentally struck the front bumper of a parked car on the 2000 block of Wilson Blvd, as the truck was trying to squeeze into a tight parallel parking space. There was no damage evident — but police were called and a citation issued, as a small crowd of restaurant owners and mangers gathered.

As it turns out, the car belonged to a delivery driver for the Afghan Kabob House across the street, and this was the latest skirmish in an ongoing battle between brick-and-mortar restaurants and food trucks in Courthouse.

The war started last month with the emergence of an unlikely leader on the restaurant side. Bar Concepts, a restaurant consulting company, had been brought in to operate the back bar area of the recently reopened Summers Restaurant. Though Summers is not exactly known as a haven for Courthouse office dwellers seeking a quick grab-and-go bite to eat, Alan Beal, COO of Bar Concepts, zeroed in on food trucks — at least those that parked along Wilson and Clarendon Blvds — as the enemy of local restaurants.

Beal swiftly organized a coalition of about a dozen Courthouse area restaurants who say that the trucks “are running amok” and having “a serious impact on these brick and mortar restaurants” by parking directly in front of their establishments. The collective effort was on display Thursday as owners took turns complaining about parking enforcement to police.

Food trucks, they said, were reserving precious street parking spots in front of restaurants by having workers park cars on the street as early as 6:00 a.m. Some weren’t even feeding the meter, they said.

There’s nothing illegal about reserving street parking spaces in such a manner, the cops said, though they did encourage the owners to call when they did spot a violation like an expired meter. There is also a two hour limit on parking, which is enforced, but there’s a loophole: trucks can simply pull into into another open space after two hours, provided it’s at least 25 feet away from their existing parking space.

With little recourse other than calling in the meter maids, the owners seemed to agree to double down on an unofficial group tactic: encouraging employees to park on the street, thus taking away available parking spaces from the trucks. One owner could be heard telling several employees to be sure to park on the street during their shifts. Another ran across the busy four-lane road when a spot opened up, driving his Mercedes from a small private lot behind his restaurant, making a U-turn and pulling into the open spot, thus boxing out the food truck hoard.

Beal — who was in D.C. during the fender bender fracas — insists that he doesn’t oppose food trucks, only their parking choices. He said trucks park directly in front of businesses, billowing smoke, creating crowds that block the sidewalk and taking away customers. He has been documenting the woes on a YouTube channel.

“No one opposes food trucks, they’re good for consumers and good for the economy,” he said via phone. “The problem is where they’re parked.”

Purposely blocking parking spots, for hours on end, only hurts restaurants by keeping the spots from potential customers, according to Beal. “It is kind of unethical,” he said of food trucks, or anyone else for that matter, reserving street parking spots for commercial gain.

Beal said he has been having constructive conversations with the county about solutions that could work for both restaurants and food trucks. That potential solution — which had until then not been revealed to the media — is creating and enforcing specific areas for food trucks to park in a given area.

Cara O’Donnell, spokeswoman for Arlington Economic Development, said the county is hoping to implement a “street vending zone” pilot program in Rosslyn within a few weeks.

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Food truck parked outside of Summers Restaurant, photo by Alan Beals

(Updated at 6:30 p.m.) The owners and managers of 12 restaurants centered around the Courthouse Metro station say local food trucks are severely impacting their restaurants.

We’re told that representatives from Summers Restaurant, Guarapo, Me Jana, TNR Cafe, Afghan Kabob House, Subway, Cosi, Boston Market, California Tortilla, Jerry’s Subs and Pizza, Corner Bakery, and Ireland’s Four Courts met Wednesday to form a group that plans to push the Arlington County Board to further regulate food trucks.

Alan Beal, COO of Bar Concepts, a restaurant consulting company that recently started working with Summers Restaurant, was the one who called Wednesday’s meeting to order.

“We’re forming a coalition because the food trucks are running amok,” says Beal. “It has a serious financial impact on these brick and mortar restaurants.”

Beal says between three and five food trucks park in front of Summers Restaurant and other Courthouse area eateries each day. Though the trucks are legally allowed to park there for two hours, Beal and other restaurant owners say the trucks sometimes skirt that time limit.

“Parking is free until 8 a.m.,” says Beal. “From 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m., food trucks will send cars to the Courthouse area to park in all the spots in front of these restaurants and wait for the food trucks to show up.”

“Sometimes, the food trucks even send people to stand in the spots and wait for the food trucks to arrive.” says Beal.

Guarapo owner Nesrin Abaza says the accumulation of food trucks caused her business to stop serving lunch altogether.

“It just wasn’t feasible,” says Abaza. “How can you compete? There’s no control.”

“It’s like, can I stand outside the restaurant next door and sell my empanadas?” Abaza says. “Would I be allowed to do that? Absolutely not. But food trucks can do that to us.”

Despite the recent outcry in Courthouse, this is hardly the first time food trucks have clashed with brick-and-mortar restaurants. In 2012, Rosslyn’s Business Improvement District mulled asking for restrictions on where food trucks could operate. But in 2013, the Arlington County Board went the opposite direction — voting to extend the parking time limit for food trucks from one hour to two hours.

“Our argument is that Arlington County has been listening to the food trucks,” Beal says. “At the end of the day, none of our businesses were approached or represented, and we see the food trucks multiplying.”

Che Ruddell-Tabisola, executive director of the DMV Food Truck Association, says he’s sympathetic to the restaurants’ problems, but that more regulation isn’t the answer.

“This has been something very common to hear from brick and mortar owners,” says Ruddell-Tabisola. “The underlying myth is that food trucks are somehow harming existing businesses, and it’s just not true.”

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Summers in Courthouse planning to reopen(Updated at 1:05 p.m.Summers Restaurant in Courthouse, a longtime haven for soccer fans, reopened in February after closing at the end of 2014. Now, the sports bar at 1520 N. Courthouse Road will try something new to draw in more customers.

Summers 2, the re-branded back bar, is hosting a grand opening party Friday night, with 1990s cover band The Dial Up. On Saturday, the bar will show the boxing match between superwelterweighs Canelo Alvarez and James Kirkland, with no cover.

The sections of Summers will remain connected and part of the same business, according to a restaurant employee reached by phone this morning. Owner Joe Javidara hired a promotion company, Bar Concepts, to liven up the space.

“We’re just trying to spice up the other bar,” the employee said.

Doors will open at 5:00 p.m. on Friday. The back bar will host events almost every day of the week, with “Draft Night” on Tuesdays, “Drunk Karaoke” on Wednesdays, trivia on Thursdays and live bands on Fridays and DJs on Saturday, according to its website.

The back bar was damaged by a fire in June 2013, and, according to the Washington Post’s Steve Goff, when it was reopened, the business did not return. The Summers employee reached by phone said that business has picked up steadily since the restaurant’s brief closure, and the rebranded bar is another attempt to rejuvenate the 31-year-old business.

File photo


Summers in Courthouse planning to reopen Summers in Courthouse planning to reopen

Salt and pepper shakers are still on the tables at Summers Grill and Sports Bar, which closed at the end of last month, and customers will soon join them.

The restaurant, which opened in 1982 and rose to prominence as a haven for soccer fans before the sport became popularized in the U.S., terminated its lease because of a big dip in business, according to the Washington Post. Just weeks after it closed, a sign appeared on its door this weekend announcing it would soon reopen.

“Back by popular demand of our loyal customers,” the sign reads, “and the generosity of our landlord (JBG Cos.), Summers Sports Bar will re-open soon!”

Summers’ owner and JBG representatives did not return requests for comment. Looking through the windows of the restaurant — which sits at the corner of Clarendon Blvd and N. Courthouse Road — it appears that it shouldn’t take long to prepare for a reopening.


An ongoing redevelopment project on the “Landmark Block” in Courthouse is poised to realize a significant portion of a 2015 vision to transform the neighborhood.

But beyond the “Landmark” project (2050 Wilson Blvd) by Greystar, there are no near-term private or public projects set to pick up wherever Greystar leaves off.

Over the next 20 years, Arlington County has plans to transform some of the mid-rise buildings, county facilities and the surface parking lot at the epicenter of the neighborhood into a vibrant area. Dubbed Courthouse Square, the area is bounded by Clarendon Blvd to the north, N. Courthouse Road to the east, 14th Street N. to the south and commercial buildings to the west.

The future Courthouse Square would feature a civic square for rallies and programs, new cultural and civic buildings, shared streets and a pedestrian promenade. Courthouse Square will be, visionaries said in a 2015 planning document, “where the revolution begins.”

Greystar is leading the charge with “The Commodore” apartments, which replace some brick buildings that housed CosiBoston MarketJerry’s Subs and Summers Restaurant. But the revolution will only be fully realized after a few more county projects and private developments materialize.

“It’s a balance. The full vision will come together through public- and private-sector investment and actions,” says Anthony Fusarelli, Jr., the director of the county’s Department of Community, Housing and Development.

Part of the burden of redevelopment is on the county, which envisioned in 2015 building a new headquarters — after the county’s lease was set to end in 2028 — as well as up to two civic and cultural facilities. The then-looming end to the lease on the headquarters was the impetus for the 2015 Courthouse Square addendum, he said.

In 2018, Arlington County negotiated a lease extension until 2033, however, allowing the county to focus on renovations to its existing building and giving it an extra five years to start on new construction. The pandemic — and the changes it brought to the workplace — could mean a more modest approach instead of building a 400,000-square-foot building once envisioned in 2015.

“There’s been a massive forced experience about how people do work, whether they’re in a small business or a government agency,” Fusarelli said. “I think going forward in the immediate future, trying to pursue discrete development plans would be very challenging.”

A map of the blocks comprising Courthouse Square and their proposed uses, per the 2015 addendum (via Arlington County)

As for the cultural facilities, Arlington Cultural Affairs is still determining whether they’re needed after conducting an assessment in 2006.

“Informed also by the findings of our comprehensive 2017 Enriching Lives Arlington Arts and Culture Strategy, Arlington Cultural Affairs will continue to work with other County agencies to determine next steps,” the division said.

Meanwhile, of the privately owned sections, the Landmark Block is the only corner where a developer has expressed interest in redevelopment. (Across the street from Courthouse Square, Greystar is shepherding a 220-unit building on the vacant Wendy’s lot through county processes.)

“We worked hard to realize as many of the public benefits as we could through community benefits partly because we understood it may be some time, and there may be some uncertainty, [before] the next private development could come forward,” Fusarelli said.

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