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by Katie Pyzyk July 27, 2011 at 8:30 am 2,662 47 Comments

Goldman Fund Buys Rosslyn Buildings–A real estate private equity fund run by Goldman Sachs has agreed to buy 10 office buildings in Rosslyn from Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.  The sale is viewed as the sign of an uptick in commercial real estate values in the area. [Wall Street Journal]

Power Pilot Program–Dominion Virginia Power plans to launch a pilot program in the fall to give discounts to electric vehicle owners who charge up during off-peak hours. [Washington Post]

Job Fair–The soon-to-open American Tap Room in Clarendon is holding a job fair.  The restaurant is advertising on the spot hiring for qualified candidates in all positions from bussers to managers. Bring ID and employment documents to the auditorium at 2100 Washington Blvd. from 10am-4pm.

  • GreaterClarendon

    Being a raised in a city, I’m curious if that pond is healthy or not? Is green on top due to fertilizer runoff and stagnant water, or is that a sign of health and life?

    • I believe you are correct. Too many nutrients, and not enough water movement. It would benefit greatly from an aerator.

      • JammingEcono

        That’s a pond?? Until I clicked through the photo and saw the caption, I would have sworn it was a field.

        Reminds me of what they used to saw about the Potomac — “To thick to navigate, too thin to cultivate.”

        • Mark

          I think it’s right off the Custis Trail between N Monroe and N Quincy…

          • charlie

            this pond used to have some flow to it, but something is gunked up somewhere.
            and yes there are fish and turtle in there and birds come all the time to bathe.

      • CW


        Just kidding, no, really, I am. I love the trail and yes, that is a pond.

    • bobco85

      Is that the pond off of the Custis Trail (between Quincy and Monroe)? That said, there’s definitely life in there (no sure what it is, though)!

      • bobco85

        It IS that pond! Of course, all you have to do to find out is mouse over the photo and the caption is right there. (slaps forehead)

    • JB

      It’s healthy if you’re a species of algae – for most everything else it’s a system stressed to the max of too many nutrients, too high temperatures, and not enough input of fresh water. In a way it’s an extreme example of how the Chesapeake Bay is out-of-whack.

      I’m not sure where that pond is, but many times in urban environments, those “ponds” are really man-made stormwater management basins that were never meant to be beacons of nature. They’re designed to take over the role of a natural wetland and be a sink for all the water that runs off whenever you completely pave over a landscape – whatever moves in and is able to survive in those conditions is what you find. (Keep that in mind if you see a condo development with a “lake” – it’s really just a glorified stormwater management pond.)

      Make a stormwater pond big enough though, and it can develop almost into a natural wetland – like the “beaver pond” by the 66 exit. Even those are pretty nasty under the surface though as they fill up with plastic bags, bottles, cigarette butts, fertilizers, chemicals, and anything else that leaks or people toss into the street in an urban area. Pretty much the same stressors that impact the Bay on a much grander scale.

      • CW

        My sources tell me that the beaver pond my 66 is filled up with brown flip flops, whole foods bags, parts of leased BMWs, and starbucks cups, and that the algae blooms are fed by a constant influx of cupcake crusts and frozen yogurt runoff.

      • Cheech

        I wonder if a snakehead could live in there. I bet a giant carp could. It’s probably worth trying just to see.

        • JB

          I’ve seen a couple of corn-eyed buttsnakes.

        • CW

          What about a turtle-head?

          • JB

            No, they get eaten by all the dark sharks in there.

      • Jared

        I’ve seen a pretty BA crane in there a couple times so it’s not completely dead yet.

  • ismuglydriveanissanleaf

    fantastic news for me

  • The Washington Post link is broken, but I have to think there are maybe a dozen people in the area using all electric cars who may benefit from the pilot plan.

    • Katie Pyzyk

      Thank you for the heads up on the link. It should be working again.

  • JamesE

    I only charge up my electric vehicle with the AC set to 72 while I am not at home.

  • SomeGuy

    According to American Tap Room’s twitter account, the job fair was scheduled for “2morrow” in a message posted on July 25. Am I mistaken? Is there another source that says it’s today (vs. yesterday)?

    • Katie Pyzyk

      Press person sent two separate releases listing Wednesday, July 27.

  • Arlwhenever

    Goldman Sachs’ PAC should be right up Barbara Favola’s line. They’ve given to Eric Cantor, John Boehner, Peter King & Jim DeMint, among others.

    • Mr. Brown

      Hopefully they will get her a respectable donation to sway her vote. This $2,500 nonsense from the towing company is disgusting because it’s just not enough money. I don’t mind corruption, but I can’t stand cheap corruption. Everyone has a price. I would like think that here in Arlington our public servents go for a bit more than $2,500.

      • Cheech

        Cheap and easy, just like this joke.

    • Wayne Kubicki

      Here’s a link to the Goldman Sachs’ PAC contribution list for the 2010 cycle. Money to lots of folks in each party. GOP did exceed Dems:


  • charlie

    you let me down and missed the late morning crash closing off three of five lanes of SB I-395 at the County line.

    • MC 703

      What time was that at?

      • charlie

        i came thru around 1045 and there was a single banged up car that appeared to also have been on fire. It was pushed up against the wall the big retaining wall and all of their worldly belongings were stacked up. One state police car, one fire truck, three lanes closed. Backup about 1/4 mile. definitely in clean-up phase.

    • CW

      There was a nice little crash on 66 east near Fairfax Drive last night at about 11 PM. They had it down to one lane for road work to begin with. Then a washington flyer taxi came and hit the line of stoppped cars in the one remaining traffic lane at, judging from the damage, at least 30 MPH. Messed up 4 cars ahead of it including a nice new Mercedes. Made for a late night getting home last night. STUPID TAXI DRIVERS.

      • Ali

        I have seen so many close calls by taxis in the last few months and every single one involved a Washington Flyer cab. All the cab drivers around here are pretty bad but the WF cabs are the most dangerous of all.

        • Bluemontsince1961

          You’re not the only one. I come home from work in Tysons on 267 east and I’ve experienced or seen a lot of close calls by taxis, especially Washington Flyers.

          • They are horrid. I was almost sideswiped by one last week.

          • Bluemontsince1961

            Yep, OB. I’ve nearly been sideswiped by them too. One almost rear ended me a couple of years ago, and I’ve had quite a number cut in front of me without even looking or signaling. I think there is a kamikaze driving school they’re required to attend and pass before they get their taxi licenses and turned loose on the roads.

          • Bluemontsince1961

            Watch out for the Loudoun County commuter buses, too! I’ve nearly been sideswiped by two of them, one on 267 East and the other on 66 East – both kept drifting over into other traffic lanes.

          • Ali

            I see near misses every few days around Rosslyn and the entrance to 110.

      • JamesE

        Taxi drivers are also good at going 45-50 mph in the left lane

        • Bluemontsince1961

          That’s the truth, JamesE!

        • charlie

          i always wondered this…

          why is it when a taxi is BEHIND you it must got 75 mph
          but when a taxi is IN FRONT of you it must 25 mph?

          • Bluemontsince1961

            Hmmmm. See my comment to Overgrown Bush just above. I’ve noticed the same thing. Maybe they have to go to kamikaze school and pass before they get their licenses?

          • CW

            LOL! Truth. After we passed the accident last night after a 40-minute delay, the car in front of me, a taxi, crawled at about 35 mph through a one-lane construction zone almost all the way to the Lee Highway exit.

          • Bluemontsince1961

            CW, I can count on it at least once a week on my commute from Tysons to Arlington on 267 East and 66 East. The dance called the Taxi Crawl Two Step.

          • Bluemontsince1961

            CW, Charlie, and JamesE, I’ll add what I just noted for Overgrown Bush above for you as well – watch out for the Loudoun County commuter buses, too! I’ve nearly been sideswiped by two of them, one on 267 East and the other on 66 East – both kept drifting over into other traffic lanes.

          • JamesE

            Yeah one was squatting in the left lane of 66W a few days ago, going about 50 mph, really annoyed me. I should have called them to complain.

          • Ali

            Also, they’ll go fast when they’re alone but the more customers they have, the slower they go (gotta jack those meters up!).

          • Bluemontsince1961

            I’ve noticed that, too.

          • Jackflops

            But the meters are based on distance, not time (except when the cab is stopped)–so how would going slow goose up the meter?

            I think they go slow to save gas.

  • Rick

    The picture of the pond reminds me of a article I read a few days a ago === maybe this pond has “Urban Mosquitoes”!

    Attack of the Urban Mosquitoes – Aggressive and Hard to Kill: Two Asian Cityslickers Swarm the East Coast.


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