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Second Suspect Charged in Diener Murder

by Katie Pyzyk January 23, 2012 at 11:30 am 3,768 25 Comments

(Updated at 1:00 p.m.) A man who was previously arrested and then released in connection with the 2009 murder of Lyon Village resident Carl Diener has been re-arrested.

Javon Martin, 25, was arrested on a bench warrant and charged with robbery and murder in the first degree. A jury trial has been scheduled for April 23, according to court records.

Martin is one of two people charged in the case. His cousin, 20 year-old Roger K. Clark III, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in this case earlier this month. His sentencing is set for April.

Diener, 57, was found beaten and stabbed on Dec. 29, 2009 near the intersection of N. 13th Street and N. Hudson Street, three blocks from the Clarendon Metro station. In a “statement of facts” entered as part of Clark’s plea, prosecutors said that Martin stabbed Diener in the chest during an early morning robbery.

Martin was originally arrested in June of last year, but charges against him were dropped in October. It’s unclear why the charges were dropped.

  • Josh S

    Classic example of why so many armchair detectives here on the ARLNow comment boards should STFU.

    • Rosslyniene

      Can you elaborate?

      • drax

        Read the comments in past stories on ArlNow about this.

        • Rosslyniene

          I read them, I just did not see anybody saying anything that deserved such a “STFU” type response.

          • drax

            Dig deeper.

            There have been comments on other stories too.

          • Rosslyniene

            Are you Josh S’s spokesperson? I see that you were commenting in most of those, even when you admit all the evidence was not known. Lots of “probably”s and speculation in your own words.

            Are we all to stop making assumptions or asking questions until the everything is done? That would make for a boring forum, don’t you think?

          • drax

            Some people were calling the police and prosecutors incompetent for letting Javon Martin get away, among other things. Those are the comments I, and I presume Josh, were referring to-not asking questions, but assuming the answers.

          • Josh S


            So sitting behind our desks in our heated/air conditioned offices and throwing around ignorant reprisals of Arlington police activity is something we do for fun? It’s entertaining?

          • Rosslyniene

            Boring; Adjective: Not interesting

  • Columbo

    Obviously there was some strategery involved here.

    • Jonji

      It was ALL about strategy. There was no way they’d be able to prosecute one of them without arrangements for the other; letting him go was always meant to be ‘temporary’.

  • SouthArlJD

    Looks like cousin Roger isn’t being invited to Javon’s next birthday party. It’s pretty clear Roger has rolled over on Javon and is expecting consideration in sentencing in exchange for his cooperation. Javon’s in heap of trouble.

    • CW


  • Ty

    nice dreads

    • Tabs

      Do they make you shave them off in prison? I imagine they could a hazard if someone grabs them.

      • CW

        It it’s the same rules as the NFL, tackling by the hair is allowed.

  • Ty

    i’ve only been to jail once, over a weekend. i shave my head, but, the bologna sandwiches and fruit punch suck, and the light always being on blows.

  • Thes

    Let’s see how the trial goes, but it is comforting to think that our Arlington Police and prosecutors are continuing to successfully pursue a very difficult case and ensure the right people are held responsible for this terrible crime.

  • Please note that we corrected an incorrect reference in the final paragraph.

  • JimPB

    Javon Martin’s residence is …?

  • I would guess

    not in Arlington…

  • Spiteful

    Previous newspaper articles indicate that he is from DC. It appears that he currently “resides” at the Arlington County Detention Facility.

  • G Clifford Prout

    Javon is going to make someone happy in prision with those locks.

  • Here’s the next hearing on 1/28/13…

  • Jake

    I didn’t know the victim personally, but I used to go the Arlington Sport and Health and saw Carl there often. He was always a nice guy and I was really sad to hear he was killed. I’m glad they found the guys who did it and justice will finally be done here.


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