Helicopter Landing in Park for Military Training Exercise

by Katie Pyzyk June 19, 2012 at 10:00 am 3,216 40 Comments

A military training exercise may cause some extra noise today near the National Guard Readiness Center on the 100 block of S. George Mason Drive.

Military training exercises will be taking place at the National Guard center throughout the day. As part of the drill, residents — especially those in the Barcroft and Alcova Heights neighborhoods — may notice a helicopter landing and taking off in the field at Arlington Hall West Park around 11:00 a.m. and again at 3:25 p.m. Park visitors are advised to avoid the area around these times.

Police officers and firefighters will be in the area to provide assistance as necessary. There are no traffic disruptions or noises expected during the training exercise, other than the helicopter, we’re told.

  • Mary-Austin

    Now if they would stop disturbing our neighborhood by parking on our streets every day that would be awesome!

    • lorenzo

      thats a clown comment, gal. FREE PARKING!

    • KalashniKEV


      (but parking is… at least in your hood)

      Quit clownin’, guuuuuurl!

    • Henry kaylor

      The parking issue for this government facility is due to the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) to only allow the government agency located within your area, one parking space for every four employees (1 to 4). This agency (Arlington Hall Station, National Guard Bureau) has tried in vain to acquire an exception to their NCPC regulation, however no exception has been allowed. The NGB has deployed various internal transportation programs and incentives to have employees leave their vehicles home. In many cases, these programs do not meet everyone needs or the individual lives where these programs are not available. The NGB has added additional buses and bus routes to assist with the reduction of vehicles arriving on station. I been on this site off/on since 1991, the rules have not changed. The MARC Center in Alexandria was allowed 60% due to its location away from the National Capital Area. On the flip side, the goal of the (1-4) ratio is to reduce the amount of vehicles arriving within Arlington and this is one tool the NCPC has to assist with that venue. NGB has a very strong positive transportation program and has invested heavy into making this program a success.
      If you want to help, than write to the NCPC to change the rules to allow the government agencies to increase their allowances, and I am sure the NGB would be grateful to add additional parking spaces to accommodate their employees within the fence line.

  • Mary-Austin

    It’s not about being free or not. They are supposed to have enough parking at the facility.

    It’s kind of annoying when you have a guy in a Volvo with Pennsylvania tags that makes my neighbor with a month old baby park down the street from her house. He parks there every day even after being asked politely not to.

    • Quoth the Raven

      Where is he supposed to park, then?

      • Mary-Austin

        At his workplace.

    • JohnB2

      (It didn’t take my comment the first time, so I apologize if this is a duplicate)
      Have you tried initiating the process of becoming zoned parking in your neighborhood? This is from ArlCo:

      2. What criteria must be met to obtain permit parking on my street?
      The permit parking program is backed by Section 14.2-98 of the County Code which details the criteria for a block to be designated or zoned for permit parking. These criteria are:

      (a) 60% of the residents of a block (numbered block, e.g. 1400 block) must sign a petition in favor of having permit parking restrictions instituted .
      (b) at least 75% of the total spaces per block are occupied.
      (c) at least 25% of the available on-street parking on the block are occupied by out-of-area vehicles such as commuters, shoppers, students, etc, who do not live within the residential area.

    • chris

      A VOLVO!?!
      Rude to park there but in a VOLVO?

    • CrystalMikey

      Does said neighbor not have a driveway?

      • Mary-Austin

        No, the only parking is in front of their house on the street.

  • Exactly

    If it’s such a BFD, get your neighbors together and get the parking zoned permit only. Even then, your neighbor doesn’t own the spot in front of her house.

  • Mary-Austin

    Well I guess you’re right. That silly broad with the kids can just park around the corner from her house.
    The military dudes really need the parking in front of her house.

    We have started the zoned parking process but the County seems to be dragging their feet.

    • Exactly

      When I lived in the suburbs of NY (tony Westchester), I would have to park three or four blocks from my house depending on the time of day I got home. Having children doesn’t give you exlusive land-use rights.

    • Quoth the Raven

      It’s a public street. Anyone can park there – even “military dudes”. If they had parking at their workplace, I’m sure they would park there (because I bet it would be closer). But it seems like they don’t, so I say again, where is the guy supposed to park which would be acceptable to you?

      • jackson

        Sheesh, folks, yes, it’s legal for him to park there, but it would also be courteous to vary his location on the street instead of targeting the house with the woman with the baby.

        If I see you sitting at a table in McDonalds, I can sit beside you at the table. You don’t own the table or the seat.

  • Mary-Austin

    Come on man, it’s a common courtesy.
    The guy could park on another street in front of another house that doesn’t have a couple weeks old infant, especially after he was asked kindly.
    Does coming from tony Westchester give you exclusive dbag rights?
    You and this guy are what is becoming wrong with Arlington.

    • Exactly

      I’m a native who spent a few years out of state but thanks for assuming otherwise. Your outsize sense of entitlement is the only thing that’s wrong with Arlington. I can only imagine how “kindly” this person was asked to not park in front of someone’s house. The bottom line is that there is a system to address real problems. When that system is in place in your neighborhood, you will have enforcement options at your disposal. Until then, people can park where they want on a public street.

    • Quoth the Raven

      Why are you assuming the guy can park on another street? For all you know, he has a sick mother at home and he needs to get home from work as quickly as possible, so he needs to park as close to work as he can. You’re just making assumptions that this guy is being a jerk on purpose, but it doesn’t sound like you have all the facts.

      • AG Pym

        Edgar would pop you in the chops for talking to a lady like that.

      • CW

        If you read the original post it looks like the guy is being something that is pretty darn close to a jerk, on purpose.

        “He parks there every day even after being asked politely not to.”

        Mom of infant: “Hey, can I park in front of my house? I just gave birth.”

        Captain America: “Buzz off.”

        • Quoth the Raven


          Mom: “Hey jerko – move your freaking car away from my house or else!!!!”

          Military Dude: “Isn’t it a public street?”

          Mom: “Move it or else!!!!”

          MD: “I think I’ll keep parking here…”

          • jackson

            Sure, new moms are such entitled jerks.

          • Quoth the Raven

            No, but new moms can be tired, stressed, anxious, and prone to be pissed off.

            I’m not saying either is right or wrong – I’m merely pointing out that we’re all just making stuff up here, including the original poster who seems so upset about the Volvo.

          • Arlington, Northside

            I told my wife this is what people would think of her after she got her new Volvo…..

          • Mary-Austin

            No. You’re actually the only one making stuff up.
            My neighbor is actually a very nice person and very professional. I can’t see her being nasty to this guy even if he is a jerk.

  • Mary-Austin

    There are other streets that are closer to the Arlington Hall site. Not to mention the spots ON the site. I suspect he and the others that park in the neighborhoods don’t like having to wait for other cars leaving when they quit work at 3:30.
    And no he does not have a sick mother at home, he just takes the same selfish attitude you two do. Yea those pregnant women and old people are so entitled they think they should be able to park close to home. If only it were more like Westchester! It’s a public street after all!

    Btw you deserve to have someone come and park a pupusa truck in front of your house every day.

    • USA

      Actually, parking a papusa truck in a residential neighborhood would be a violation since it is a commercial vehicle. Parking a Volvo car is not.

  • The Gov..

    I work at AHS (Arlington Hall Station). Ever since they opened up the new building (AHS2) parking has been a real problem. So about 8 months ago they got rid of contractor parking, (which is at least 30% of the people in the buildings). So now all the military people have no problem parking but all the contractors are forced to park elsewhere. The most noticeable aspect of the whole thing is once they got rid of contractor parking the only contractors who could park in the garage were contractors with handicap stickers. [Portion of post removed due to violation of comment policy]

    • JohnB2

      So maybe Mary & her neighbors should approach the leadership at AHS and work on potential compromises. I’m sure some sort of impact plan was required in order to open the second building. Maybe it had some parking rules?

      Or maybe the delay in the parking zone request has to do with ArlCo talking to the AHS folks before they approve/deny the request. Might be time to lawyer up…

    • WeiQiang

      Sounds like a job for the neighborhood association.

  • CrystalMikey

    So, helicopters are pretty awesome.

    • Arlington, Northside

      Yes they are.

      • WeiQiang

        40,000 parts flying roughly in the same directly

        • WeiQiang

          … direction. *oy*

  • Arlington, Northside

    Next time buy a house with a driveway, or petition the county for a driveway cut in the curb and build yourself a parking space.

  • JohnB2

    Looking at Google Maps in sattelite mode, it appears that the AHS folks are using the county park across the street as a work lot as well. It may be specifically endorsed by ArlCo though, for all I know.

    Is the big lot on 6th part of FSI or AHS?

    Mary, so you’re saying these folks are packing back in the residential streets on the west side of Mason? or simply on the west side of Mason itself? For the residential streets, I can’t see why the county wouldn’t approve the zoning. Get your association to rattle their cage on your existing application, IMO. Although it appears most of the houses have driveways.

  • AHS Worker

    AHS employees are not allowed to park in the county park’s parking lot. Only State Dept. workers are. No clue why.

    Many of the back/side streets already have zoning signs making close street parking “limited”. There are still plenty of streets to park on so there is no reason why that guy can’t switch it up, especially if he was asked politely.

  • Mary-Austin

    Yea, this issue will keep coming up as long as there is not adequate parking at the facility.
    I even see cars parked from dc/maryland/texas etc. parked as far away as Arlington Forest some days.
    But seeing some of these guys walk to their cars it looks like the extra exercise is not hurting them.

  • JW

    Thanks for posting this. I am a contractor working at Arlington Hall Station. In early 2012, policy went out stating that we are not allowed to park on the installation (still trying to find the regulation that cites we cannot). Therefore, I am forced to park on neighboring streets if/when I drive to work. I try to take the metro bus as often as possible, but sometimes life makes taking the bus super inconvienent (i.e. doctor appt, children needs to be picked up/dropped off at day care, etc.) I do feel bad parking in front of people’s houses, but I don’t have any other option.

    I would hope the neighborhood would get the facts together and approach the country and leadership at Arlington hall Station about this. I truly believe that is the only way anything will be improved.


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