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Renovations Begin on Clarendon Dog Park Next Week

by Katie Pyzyk July 11, 2012 at 11:15 am 6,754 38 Comments

In less than a week, James Hunter Park in Clarendon is closing for its planned renovations. A sign has been posted announcing the park will close on Monday, July 16, and will remain closed until next spring.

In May, the County Board awarded a contract for renovating the park, which is located at the corner of N. Herndon Street and 13th Street. The contract is worth more than $1.6 million.

The Department of Parks and Recreation’s website lists some of the sustainable features of the park’s design, such as using recycled materials during construction. Workers will also install a solar power system that will power the park’s signs, lighting and irrigation system.

There will be a system to collect, purify and store rainwater on the site to irrigate the park. The underground storage will maintain a constant supply of water to surface plants, which will cut down on excessive watering.

In addition to an area for dogs, the park will have pedestrian areas, an open lawn, gardens and public art.

Delays with the plan caused the revamp not to be ready by this summer as originally planned. Currently, the project website lists the park’s re-opening date as late February 2013.

Hat tip to Jeff Sonderman

  • JimPB

    Rename: Munificent Park

    • WeiQiang

      #fail … “Human Park With Canine Elements (Sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings … NOW in Ballston!)”

  • Fido

    Can’t wait!

  • ACDC Hack

    What ???

    No mention of when the attendants will start to be on duty ….. they will be passing out little pre-moistened towels won’t they ??

  • Bill

    Luckily, the County has made a number of off-leash alternatives available nearby. There’s a small fenced park across the street that’s open for use. Quincy Park near the Library is also available anytime games aren’t being played, although the softball field is preferable as that is in a quieter zone (away from Washington Blvd). Finally, the W&OD trail is a good bet if you do you want to run or bike while exercising your dog.

    • nom de guerre

      “Please note that pets are not allowed on designated athletic fields at any time.”


      • Bill

        That sign is only up there so that purported victims can sue if they get bitten. If you can control your dog, or you can fight off any lawsuit, there’s nothing to worry about.

        Rest assured, no County official would DARE to offend the dog-owning community by having Animal Welfare officers cite people playing Frisbee with their dogs in Quincy Park.

        • drax

          “Purported” victims? People fake dog bites now?

          No, I won’t rest assured that some random guy on the Internet has some silly theory about dog politics.

        • WeiQiang

          Isn’t there a sanitation issue having athletes [or the ArlCo equivalent] run around in poop leavings?

          • Fredericksburg White Guy

            No more so than not sanitizing the entire library every day so as not to offend some guy. . . just different germs

    • Crystal City

      Off-leash dogs really aren’t allowed anywhere in Arlington County except Canine Community Areas.

      • Elmer

        I’m a multiple dog owner and I always keep mine on leash whenever they are off our property except as permitted in the dog parks.
        I also wish all dog owners would pick up their dog’s poop, including in the dog park. Its the law, Arlington County Code, Chapter 2, Article II, Section 2-5 B.

        • mark

          So am I and I too wish everyone would pick up their dog’s poop. They give the rest of us a bad name… and no one, dog owner or not, likes stepping in it. Yuck.

          • Feline

            Revolting creatures. I bury mine.

          • Elmer

            Hey Feline, You’ve got nothing to brag about: Cats are still out running at large, killing birds and chipmunks while my dogs are on their leashes.
            Cat owners: Please keep your cats indoors or in your own yard.

        • Captain Poop McPoopo

          + #2

          I pick up my dog’s and my own poop when I’m walking

  • Swag

    “There will be a system to collect, purify and store rainwater on the site to irrigate the park.”

    I really hope there’s more to this. I’d hate to think that Arlington is so stunningly idiotic as to purify rainwater before using it to water the grass. I mean… jeebus.

  • Joe

    Goodbye to the doggies! Chumley, Dakota, Heidi, and Cooper the Berners. The German Shepard who won’t let go of the red frisbee. AJ. Lily the greyhound. The newer lab puppies. My wife will very much miss watching you all play. See you next year!

  • Hank

    With the Clarendon dog park closed, where will we go to pick up bitches?

    • Clarendon Skank

      Come on over.

      • WeiQiang


    • grindr

      There’s a bitch just for you 2,562 feet away.

      • Scruff


      • T:GEOA

        Odd. That is the exact distance from the dog park to 2100 Clarendon Blvd.

  • Elmer

    $1.6 million for a dog park with all the bells and whistles (including public art?) described in the article is just a wee bit over the top- even for this world class spending county- don’t you think?
    We already have the $350,000 artistic fence around the sewer treatment plant which we were informed changes the definition of “fence” and the skateboard art, etc..
    Is there any hope for fiscal sanity in this county?

    • WeiQiang

      Who are you …. ME? I also call ‘shenanigans’ on the dog park and the fence.

    • DogParkUser

      The vast majority of the money is NOT for the dog park. It is for the sidewalks around the park (which needed to be brought up to federal regulations) and for re-grading the area to prevent flooding. Any use of the area would have required those elements. The “dog park” part of the cost is a fraction of the total.

      • WeiQiang

        Sidewalks and ADA compliant ramps aren’t paid for out of bond money. This park is.

        While it may be true that the CCA is only part of the park’s cost, I think it’s overdesigned for the purpose. In one of the previous ArlNow articles, the article remarked, “Today, the park features a picnic bench and a couple of old plastic lawn chairs amid an open grass-and-dirt field.” To me, that just looks like Towers CCA, Shirlington CCA and a few others that I use.

        Overdesigned and too expensive and seems to reduce the amount of usable CCA.

        • Elmer

          Another idea? Could we scale down the amenities of this world class dog park and split the $1.6 million into TWO “middle class” dog parks? Maybe one in N. Arl and one in S. Arl.?
          Or is that too simplistic an idea for the Arlington Way proponents to grasp?

  • AL

    Wasting $1 million on a dog park when that could pay for about 200 feet of the Columbia Pike Streetcar!!!

    • Market Rate

      Or “affordable” housing.

  • rossl

    Again, this is ridiculous. All that’s really needed is a water source for the pups. Closing the park for 6+ months? not worth it.

    • billj

      I can’t wait to not have to deal with the crappy mulch turning into mud every time it rains…

  • Eileen McMurrer

    1.6 million for a dog park and the county cannot build a homeless shelter.What is wrong with the county’s priorities?

    • Shane

      Actually, it’s a sign the County finally has the RIGHT priorities. A $1.6 million dog park actually serves those people who VOTE in Arlington. It serves people who patronize Whole Foods and Cheesecake Factory and Pottery Barn and Palm Beach Tan–all proven national chains that locate only in places where people would want to live. In other words, the people who have amassed cash in the critical mass necessary to make Arlington a desirable place in which to live.

      The homeless do NOTHING to enhance the County’s image. If you DON’T build it, then, they WON’T come. They’ll stay in Southeast DC or PG County, but they won’t come here. It’s about time Arlington started to actually, you know, LEARN from Georgetown–the model to which it aspires. Georgetown was smart enough to say “no” to Metro and avoid the riff-raff that came with that. In turn, Lyon Village was smart enough to say “no” to bathrooms at their sprayground, so that it would become a de facto neighborhood sprayground that the County underwrites.

      Finally Arlington is learning the lesson, adopting the right priorities and taking the steps necessary to turn those priorities into reality. For this Arlington should be applauded.

      • Elmer

        Shane, That’s a joke, right?

      • Class

        You lost me when you cited the presence of Palm Beach Tan as a sign of municipal prominence.

        Oh wait, no, that’s just when I stopped shaking my head at you and started laughing instead.

  • Waiting

    Does anyone know when this is going to be finished? The progress really seems slow…


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