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Bus Parking on a Highway On-Ramp?

by ARLnow.com June 9, 2010 at 4:24 pm 2,742 15 Comments

Every afternoon for the past week — and quite possibly for longer than that — this Loudoun County Transit bus has parked itself on the right shoulder of the busy ramp from Route 110 to Route 1 in Pentagon City, forcing cars to veer to the left as they drive by.

Other commuter buses in the area like to idle on the side of bumpy, narrow Old Jefferson Davis Highway while waiting to pick up passengers in Crystal City, but for some reason this bus likes the on-ramp.

There’s got to be a safer place to park, right?

  • Deb

    You should forward this to the Arlington County Police.

  • KateK

    We see a similar Loudoun County bus parked on the exit from 66 to lee highway (westbound) every morning. It appears to gum up traffic as people are confused whether it’s in a lane of traffic, disabled or just ignorant/rude.

  • Zee

    Isn’t that what Pentagon City curbside is for?


    Knucklehead bus driver? FREDTERP

  • Joe Lowry

    Nice photo, but the bus is clearly on the shoulder and not impeding the travel lanes. Why those vehicles need to move all the way over the yellow line is beyond me. These buses (along with PRTC, MTA, and Ride On commuter buses) keep the roads from being incredibly logjammed. I don’t see the issue. (Nor do I see how a bus parked on the side of the road is news, as this is a news site).

    • Mike

      And shoulders are for emergency stopping only Sherlock.

      • Jack

        True, Mike. But I can only assume that driver is sitting in his rig, and would move if told to do so by ACPD or whomever. Joe’s right. He’s not impeding traffic at all, and DC drives need to be more alert anyway. I moved here from the 4th worst traffic city in the nation (Houston) and can’t believe how much more friendly everyone down there drives compared to up here. It’s as if all those who failed their driving tests here (or wherever they moved from) were just issued licenses anyway and told “Go nuts!!” Oh, and this ISN’T NEWS. Cover something worthwhile, please.

        • Jackie

          I agree that its as if all the worst drivers were put in the metro area but because of that I don’t think the bus should park there. People in this area will slow down if there is anything on the side of the road to look at, let alone a giant bus. I feel like this could just create more traffic. There has to be somewhere else the bus can stop.

          • Novanglus

            Based on the picture, I see Joe’s point. But what’s not shown is all the crazy merges in that area. Having a huge bus sitting in the sight lines is a big problem.

            There are plenty of safer places nearby for the driver to wait.

  • Dave

    Joe makes a valid point about buses keeping cars of the road but they drive me nuts. More often then not, I see bus drivers flouting simple traffic laws. I feel like they think they can jut do whatever they want just because they’re in a big vehicle. And why don’t you ever see buses pulled over getting a ticket? They block intersections, turn through crosswalks with pedestrians, and hold up traffic on the highway (just get in the right lane!). In my experience driving on 66 every day for work, the Loudoun County Transit buses are the worst. Unfortunately, this story doesn’t surprise me at all.

    • q

      And much, much more often than not, I see car drivers flouting simple traffic laws.

  • John

    The crazy prius drivers are the worst!

    • Jack

      Yep. I agree. They’re too busy patting themselves on the back to worry about insignificant traffic laws.

  • Bob

    I just called the Arlington County PD yesterday to complain about construction vehicles blocking the road with no police officer in sight. The ACPD person said Arlington is recognized as one of the finest police forces in the country. I explained that the people I constantly see blowing through stop signs in front of ACPD HQ don’t seem to think so.

    Then we see this. Perhaps if they spent a little less time on petition drives, and a little more time actually policing, we might all be better off.

  • John Antonelli

    Good job Arlnow. Why do I think a lot of these comments are from the same person


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