BREAKING TRAFFIC — Accident Before 14th Street Bridge

by ARLnow.com October 4, 2010 at 5:42 pm 3,439 7 Comments

An accident between a BMW and a Mercedes currently has traffic at a near–standstill approaching the 14th Street Bridge on northbound I-395.

Emergency responders from Arlington and DC are on the scene. Only one lane is getting by.

There’s no word on injuries at this time.

Update at 6:25 p.m. — All lanes are now getting by.

  • Pe4

    All clear. What’s up with all the accidents in this area? Is it the drivers? The foreigners?

  • anon-e-mous

    Yes, the drivers and the foreigners.

  • RestonRunner86

    The constant stream of accidents in this area is largely the result of too many people texting (and drifting) and not enough are paying attention to their surroundings. I only text when completely stopped at red lights, and even then I still remain vigiliant. It’s not that difficult, folks!

    • Arlington2010

      Texting at red lights is bad too. Reaction time to green lights increases, thus, less cars are able to get through a green cycle leading to more traffic.

      • RestonRunner86

        I look up literally every three seconds, as I’m able to text normally without looking at my keyboard. Yes, this is still a bad habit. You’re right. However, I’m not likely to cause an accident sitting still. There seem to be accidents every two minutes in this area. I’ve witnessed a few doozies occur in Fairfax County.

  • Black Flag

    I drive over 14 street bridge, everyday to go to work and come home to Arlington. It’s the same problems. People, that you know drive over the 14 st bridge every morning from VA and they know the right lane will end, before cars coming from the GW Parkway need to merge onto the bridge. They will drive 75 mph right up to the lane ends and throw their car in front of everyone.

    BMW and a Mercedes, some of the worst drivers. Awful, texting or on the their cell.

    People don’t care

    I don’t expect anything less

    • LP

      Black Flag-

      Don’t make uneducated statements, read the article regarding the Porsche accident a few weeks back on this site. Someone named “Jorge” made the same type of statement. Unless you know exactly what happened, you can’t speak and stereotyping Mercedes and BMW drivers as some of the “worst drivers” just shows a lack of intelligence. Or maybe you are Jorge and just decided to switch names, in which case it seems as if you haven’t learned.

      And no, I don’t drive a BMW or Mercedes.


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