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Northside Social to Hold “Pigtoberfest” Tomorrow

by ARLnow.com October 19, 2010 at 2:23 pm 1,801 17 Comments

If you’re in Clarendon tomorrow night, and you find yourself wondering where the smell of barbeque is coming from, look no further than the big red building at the corner of Wilson Boulevard and Fairfax Drive.

Northside Social will be smoking not one but two pigs on its patio tomorrow, part of the cafe’s inaugural “Pigtoberfest.” The pork will be accompanied by side dishes and several rare Octoberfest beers and pumpkin ales.

The event starts at 6:30 p.m. and costs $35 per person plus tax and tip. Weather-permitting, outdoor seating will be available.

Call 703-465-0145 to make a reservation.

  • LP

    Sounds awesome, but a bit pricey!

  • Mark H.

    1. Northside Social is nothing if not pricey (may be rude?). The event sounds like fun

    • Rosslyn Resident

      I dunno…6 bucks for an awesome (and very filling!) grilled cheese with a big side a pretty good price in my book. But, I agree that the wine is a bit pricey, and not really the best selection….oh, and this pig roast is insanely priced….although if it’s all you can drink (doubtful), might be worth it?

  • DudeGuy

    HA! $35 what a rip off! Go down the street to Rocklands for some better but OK pork.

    • anon

      Pork BBQ, a couple of sides and a couple of craft beers would run you in the neighborhood of $35 at Rocklands too.

      • DudeGuy

        Yeah but at least you get to watch a game and talk to non-hipster dufus people. And I bet you get one beer and in a 8 oz cup.

  • shirley

    Another plug for the business group that runs Lyon Park, Northside Social, Liberty Tavern and future Former-Alpine. Hope you are gettgin some free meals.

    And Germans have NOTHING to do with BBQ…

    • Clarendude

      Why are you bashing Germans !?


      “Texas barbecue goes back to German butchers who settled in Central Texas during the mid-1800s.”

      • Frenchy B

        Shirley’s still pissed about the Germans bombing Pearl Harbor.

      • shirley

        that’s interesting information. i guess my modern german friends don’t know their history that well either. thanks. (seriously)

        • Clarendude

          You’re very welcome! I wasn’t sure myself until I used the google, but I did know from my Texas friends about the overall German and Czech influences down there (primarily on beer) so I did have my suspicions.

    • LP

      Again? Really? It’s just a local blog/news site that is discussing and informing residents of an event, hardly a plug. I live right down the street from Northside and would have known nothing about Pigtoberfest without the blog.

      What’s with the grudge against Liberty Tavern, Lyon Hall and Northside Social, Shirley?

      • shirley

        oh LP and others you twist my words. I didn’t say anything BAD about the restaurant group. Seriously, go read it again.
        i expect things to be more newsworthy than just news about a restaurant doing something to increase their business. that isn’t news. restaurants do it all the time.
        I hope to see news on arlnow and not plugs for businesses. i know it isn’t a plug, but someone has to keep arlnow honest.

  • MC

    Maybe North Side Anti-Social? I trust that the County guardians have approved this event in advance as conforming to the Clean Air Act. I’m dismayed at all the Peruvian chicken rosters. burger flamers and BBQ outfits belching black soot into the air, stinking up the place.

    • Kalashnikev

      Nothing worse than delicious smells in a cafe and restaurant district…


    • RestonRunner86

      Arlington County’s newly-adopted slogan? “NIMBY, NIMBY, NIMBY, NIMBY, NIMBY, NIMBY!”

  • MikeC

    Geez, enough with the pig-themed events already. A friend and I went to the one at 3 a couple nights ago; it was pretty mediocre.

    And there IS no good bbq to be had here.

    /lately of TX, NM, AZ


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