Sun Gazette: Arlington Is Full of Nuts

by ARLnow.com October 26, 2010 at 12:43 pm 2,086 14 Comments

If you’ve noticed more acorns on the ground than usual this fall, you’re not crazy. In fact, 2010 is “a bumper year” for acorns, according to a naturalist quoted by the Sun Gazette.

After an arduous nut famine in 2008, Arlington’s four species of squirrels are enjoying the feast, writes Scott McCaffrey. And the excess acorn production isn’t just good news for squirrels — it’s also good news for trees. The plethora of nuts may eventually result in new trees sprouting up around the county.

The DC area isn’t the only part of the country seeing an abundance of squirrel food. Ohio is “looking at its best [acorn] crop since 2005,” according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Why are the acorns so bountiful?

The meteorologists over at ABC 7 say that a lack of a major spring frost and a summer drought helped to spur acorn growth.

  • PikeHoo

    Don’t say it, don’t say it…”That’s what she said!”

  • TAllen

    True. Lately when sitting on the deck to have lunch, I’ve been putting up the umbrella over the table to shield myself from the falling acorns.

    • rob42

      sometimes those acrons aren’t falling, but are being thrown by the squirrels in defense

      • Katie

        In defense of what? They developed a taste for pumpkin two years ago when there were no acorns…they destroyed my Barack O’Lantern.

        Please, no ACORN jokes.

  • Erin

    My front yard is a carpet of acorns, and it sounds like I live in a war zone, with the sound of acorns hitting my porch roof and CAR all day long. Last year, it cost $2500 to fix the dents in my car from the acorns. Darn things!

  • Chip

    Ugh, the Great Acorn Famine of 2008. Please don’t remind me. Those were difficult times. Poor, poor, Dale. I miss you terribly.

    • FoxyFoxy

      I just loooove me some ground squirrels…..Yummmmmm

  • GK

    Its not just the acorns… I have a mockernut or pignut hickory in my side yard that has been dropping nuts since mid summer. Thanks for the hail like dents in my car mother nature…

  • Rover

    It was the horrid winter last year that has contributed to nut production. We lost trees and animals in those storms. This is nature’s way of producing more trees and feeding the remaining animals. Do we really trust what any meteorologist says? It was supposed to rain yesterday, remember guys?

  • Skeptical

    I thought it was the election season that brought out so many squirrels.

  • BrownClown

    Lots of acorns means lots of flatulent squirrels running around out there.

  • Dan

    My black walnut trees on the other hand, took pity on me and produced far fewer walnuts than in the past four or five years.
    Good for me, but I hope that the squirrels get enough….the nearest oak tree is two blocks away.

  • SD

    I am all for the abundant acorns this year, the squirrels have stayed away from my plants and pumpkins so far. 2 years ago, they actually “stole” our baby pumpkins off our porch. We found them in bushes with little teeth marks in them.

  • Katie

    I saw the fattest squirrel ever in Farragut Square yesterday.


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