Vandalism in Virginia Square Neighborhood

by ARLnow.com October 28, 2010 at 1:14 pm 1,977 17 Comments

A tipster tells us that houses, cars, a fence and a park were all vandalized in a neighborhood in the northern part of Virginia Square.

The vandal used blue paint to deface property in the area late Tuesday night.

We spotted what remained of the blue paint on a white picket fence at the corner of North Lincoln Street and 14th Street. Also, blue writing was scrawled on a building in Hayes Park, two blocks away.

  • Frenchy B

    I suspect this vandalism was done by a mentally “cripled” person.

    • Westover

      It is a gang thing, notice it is blue paint reading “Crip” LED as in the Crips now think all street lights should be converted to LED’s. Those gangs are turning very Green in there approach to life. 😉

  • South Arlington

    Between the tire slashing rampage and this, North Arlington really needs to get their crime problem under control.

    • Westover


    • el fat kid

      hah. they really just need to build a fence to keep the SA’s out.

      • Andrew

        Maybe all the park improvements will give them something constructive to do?

  • Lou

    Well, the Crips colors are blue, but not this sissy baby-blue color. Maybe it’s the Yorktown Crips.

    • Alex

      Is that Arlington blue? Good that vandals are coordinating with local color scheme.

  • LocalResident

    My Wife and I were wondering whether or not it was high school football rivalry related?

  • PurpleFlipFlops

    Time for a neighborhood watch? I’m in and armed. Does anyone have a problem with an open carrying AR-15?

    • Westover

      As long as you wear your purple flip-flops…..

  • V Dizzle

    They just need a lock-in at the rec center. Come on.

    • RestonRunner86

      SOUTH PARK! 😀

  • Boyz

    Best watch out for the South-eez…they are a comin’

    • Bringmetheyuppies

      Far mo crime from da norf boyz. Check out da popo report sometime.

  • CMG

    eyewitness reported seeing two boys, one with crutches, the other in an electric wheelchair who kept shouting “Timmy!”

  • Katie

    I hear that Diana Nails is hiring.


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