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by ARLnow.com November 2, 2010 at 8:50 pm 4,876 31 Comments

(Updated at 10:25 p.m.)

Republican Mark Kelly won three Arlington precincts, out of 51, in his race against incumbent county board member Chris Zimmerman.

Kelly won a plurality in Crystal City and Aurora Hills, where he lives. He won a majority in the Madison/Old Glebe neighborhood in North Arlington.

With 98 percent of precincts reporting, Zimmerman has 57 percent of the vote to Kelly’s 36 percent and Green Party candidate Kevin Chisholm’s 6 percent.

“It’s still an uphill climb here in Arlington,” Kelly said earlier tonight. “I thought we ran a great campaign. People saw the Republican party out there… we made a good case as to why we should have at least one seat on the board.”

(Updated at 10:05 p.m.)

The Murray party at Bailey’s in Ballston is surprisingly large for the 8th District. That fact, and the national Republican victories splashed across Fox News, is helping to keep the mood light despite Murray’s sound defeat at the hands of incumbent congressman Jim Moran.

Only about half the crowd has left, and periodic cheers are filling the dimly lit room.

Murray is warmly greeting supporters. He says he was hoping for a closer result in Arlington and Alexandria, but he’s still smiling.

“We ran a great race, the best race that has ever been mounted against Jim Moran,” Murray said. “It’s just a very tough district. I’m very happy with the effort we put out there.”

A close Murray aide summed it up with a football analogy.

“We left it all on the field,” he said.

What’s next for Murray?

“Sleep,” he says. “I just want to take some time to rehash this and thank a lot of people.”

(Updated at 9:30 p.m.)

Chris Zimmerman is speaking after a brief victory speech by re-elected school board member Sally Baird.

Zimmerman is thanking those who worked on his campaign and all fellow Arlington Democrats.

“For this great opportunity you have given me, you have my deepest gratitude,” he said. “Arlington is a great community, and together we are making it even better”

(Updated at 9:10 p.m.)

With 89 percent of Arlington precincts reporting, current numbers from the Virginia State Board of Elections show Democrats Chris Zimmerman and Sally Baird winning the county and school board races. All four bond issues will likely pass.

“We worked this place,” Arlington County Democratic Committe Chair Mike Lieberman tells the large crowd at the Westin in Ballston.

(Updated at 9:00 p.m.)

Rep. Jim Moran is on stage at the Arlington Democratic party in Ballston.

“It appears pretty clear that we will have won tonight,” he said. “But the victory is bittersweet — this is going to be a tough night for Democrats nationally.”

“We’re going to work with the president to fight efforts to take this country backwards,” Moran added.

He said Murray’s “lack of civic involvement” and “extremist Tea Party views” were his downfall.

Moran’s daughter and campaign manager, Mary, was not as reserved about the results.

“Dad’s too classy to say this, but it looks like we trounced this guy,” she said of the congress’s apparent victory over Republican Patrick Murray.

With 74 percent of precincts reporting, Moran leads 61 percent to 37 percent over Murray.

  • TGEoA

    Moran is too classy?

    I guess the turd doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • MikeyinCrystalC

    Nice to have these local updates…thanks ARLnow!

  • Dave

    ARLnow, thank you! The major networks are skipping over the VA 8th so your updates are much appreciated!

  • GK

    As someone who holds no party affiliation of any kind, but prefers to vote for the candidate who represents the best interests of the people… I sure hope the voters know what they just did. Our county board has in the past year made it clear that they do what they prefer, not what the citizens of the county necessarily want. This “rah rah rah vote the party line” will only continue to polarize our country. Victory parties and such… its BS. These people are normal people elected to office to serve the county (state, country). Stop the back patting and get to making things better, not just your egos and bank accounts.

  • bArlington

    Let me check Civics 101. Oh yes. When a populace continue to re elect political candidates, this is a reflection that those political candidates DO IN FACT well represent the views of the populace. The county board keeps getting re elected because the people of Arlington view it as a great place to live. If you have a problem with having the best schools in the area, the best public transportation, a great commercial district, an excellent tax base, fantastic parks, wonderful teen programs, a progressive thinking government that advances alternative transportation and environmental ideals — well, there is always another way to vote… with your feat…

    • ABC

      Agreed! I love living in Arlington and I’m happy to reelect those who have helped make it a phenomenal place to live!

    • MikeyinCrystalC

      Well said!

    • Paul

      Unfortunately, those who only see the word “democrat” on the line and select that candidate… miss out on a true debate. Chris has failed us on the Board, and certainly failed Arlington with his extremely poor representation on the Metro Board.

      People in Arlington are blind to the fact that the board does what they want to do, period.

      Now, Arlington is just a place to live… short walk to the subway, if the sidewalks have been shoveled.

    • Independent

      Every election, I look at what every candidate has to say and vote for who I think is best, both in terms of what they have done for the County and what they say they will do.

      People running against the county board incumbants seem to think that they can compete with the strategy of trying to convince the voters that Arlington has not been well managed and is an awful place to live and that the stupid voters have been duped or not paying attention for the last several decades. That strategy is just not working, so why do they keep it up ?

      The idea of having at least one elected person in the government from a different party has been the most appealing aspect of the Republican and the Green Party campaigns. But, that alone is not enough to get elected.

    • Zoning Victim

      Okay, while you are lecturing me about civics and what I can do with my feat [sic], does this mean that George W. Bush represented “well represented you?”

      • Tess

        Well, in all fairness, we don’t really “elect” the president. He who gets the most votes doesn’t always win (as we sadly found out in 2000). 😉

      • NorthAdams

        or maybe our Governor, who we are using? How does he “represent” us.??

  • Aristide

    in 1996, 12,777 people voted Zimmie in at a special election. Winning with 70%
    in 1998, he was relected with 62%
    in 2002, he was relected with 61%
    in 2006, he was relected with 69%
    and 2010, he was relected with a reported 57%

    Clearly someone has work to do. 57% is possibily one of the LOWEST victories by a Democrat for County Board since 1982 when the DEMS won control of the Board (yes the board was republican controlled until then).

    • Greg

      Despite what people say above, clearly a large number of residents are unhappy with the direction of the current Board. Hopefully not dramatically so, because I do think Arlington is the best local community. But just enough that they want the Board to reel it in a little with the pet projects and arrogance. I think removing Zimmerman would have been the perfect way to do that, especially in that I see him as the worst Board member.

      But the truth is that with a large Democratic turnout for the Moran race, Zimmerman was not going to lose. Many, many people in Arlington just vote the Democratic ticket. Some because that’s what they truly believe, but a good number out of ignorance or for self-validation (“we have to show those evil Republicans”). 57% should be a wakeup call to the Board, and I hope it will be.

      • Thes

        Chris Zimmerman just received from the voters a commanding 21-point lead over his nearest opponent and a clear majority of all voters. The voters have spoken. Again. If Zimmerman continues to “lose ground” at the .5 point-per-year rate “trend” shown above (unlikely given statewide voting patterns), he will lose his majority in 2024 and lose his seat in 2032. I’m fine with that.

        • Zoning Victim

          Except that by that time your property taxes will be 50% to pay for all the $500,000 gutter beautification projects.

      • Satisfied Voter

        Sometimes I get tired of reading sour-grapes ‘analysis’ that every vote against Democrats is a thoughtful, considered rejection, whereas Democratic voters are merely blind, party-line sleepwalkers.

        But by all means, keep it up.

        If the opposition doesn’t understand why Democrats win elections here, it will be doomed to lose, again and again, as has happened for years already.

        That is fine by me, because I am a satisfied Arlington resident who nevertheless spends time thinking about my community and my vote.

        Chris Zimmerman has spent more time working directly with my community than any other Board member. Perhaps to some, our neighborhood’s needs are someone else’s “pet projects.” If it’s any consolation, I don’t mind if the government helps to respond to your needs, too.

        I gladly voted for Chris Z this year. He was not nearly so dismissive of people like me as many of the disenchanted commenters on this site.

        • Zoning Victim

          Right, and this happens because people like bArlington make statements like “we have the best schools in the area” while eluding to the fact that a progressive government is to thank for his/her incorrect ranking of Arlington County schools. Arlington County schools are ranked a pathetic 51st in the state and Falls Church schools are ranked #1. Fairfax County schools are ranked 27th. So not only are there school districts bordering Arlington that are far better than ours, there are a lot of rural school districts that are much better at educating their students that we are.

          You know how people come on here, act ridiculously arrogant and call the rest of Virginia a bunch of stupid hicks? Well a bunch of those “stupid hicks” are better educated than the children in our own ultra-rich and super-progressive county despite the fact that they don’t have anywhere near as much money to spend on education as we do and have conservative governments.

        • Zoning Victim
        • Greg

          That’s great, and I am certainly not claiming that all people who voted Democrat did not consider their choices. I voted almost the Democrat party line on this ballot.

          I am saying that a surprisingly large number of people I talk with have never attended or even seen a Board meeting, do not follow what is going on in their community government and think that voting for Democrats for local office is a vote against Sarah Palin.

          Do I expect that to change? Not really. Arlington is probably better informed than most areas of the U.S. Do I hope that our elected officials will consider the fact that a citizen group just tried to change the form of County government and that our local Dem got 10% less votes than Moran when they go about their duties? Sure I do. I don’t think this Board is incapable of doing better. I just think they need to refocus a little bit.

  • Agreed

    bArlington is the only person with any common sense here.

    • Let’s Be Free

      My way or the highway is common sense? Support my guy or shut up is common sense? Wow!!!

  • Shannon

    Delighted with the results in my home town. I appreciate what Arlington has done to support learning, and the work of great teachers. Our parks are amazing. Our local government is so responsive. I’m disappointed with some of the national results, but when I look out my own window, I have to smile. Congrats.

  • Brian

    I am glad I moved out of Jim Moran’s District. Moran is a complete embarrassment to Virginia and to the nation. Moran is a ignorant, arrogant, corrupt incompetent fool, but he gets elected year after year. Enjoy by far the worst Congressman in America, Arlington.

    • AllenB

      Wow, that’s quite a rant. Bitter much?

    • Seriously?

      You would prefer Michele Bachmann?

      • Frenchy B


    • Concerned

      I, too, am glad that you moved out!

  • QPGirl

    I think the more important story is that voter turnout was less than 50%. Appalling.

  • Brady

    Shows how little class Moran’s daughter has if she actually thinks her father is “classy.”. Not shocking though, intimidating voters and volunteers, and generally acting boorish toward any constituent who questions them really is a family affair for the Morans.


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