Arlington, VA

Via YouTube user NovaPJ comes the following video, which purports to show the aftermath of some sort of New Year’s Eve incident at Mister Days in Clarendon.

Officers in the video are shown talking with two young, cigarette-smoking men who seem upset about something that happened in the bar.

The cops apparently weren’t giving the men whatever resolution they were seeking. Instead, one officer encouraged them to “go home and sober up.” That led to the following exchange at 1:40 in the video.

Smoking Guys (starting to walk away): F— you. You did a hell of a job, D.C.’s finest. F—ing cops.

Female Officer: Have a good night.

Smoking Guys: Go to hell. F— you. Go f— yourself. C–t! You stupid bitches!

It’s at that point that one of the pair threw his lit cigarette at the officers. Needless to say, the dynamic duo walked about half a block before having the cuffs slapped on ’em.

See a longer version of the video here. Obviously, you won’t want to play it at work with the sound up.


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