Auto Theft Suspect Eludes Police Near Shirlington

by ARLnow.com March 14, 2011 at 12:12 pm 2,677 38 Comments

While most people were asleep early this morning, police were trying to track down a grand theft auto suspect.

Just before 3:30 a.m., an officer radioed to dispatch that he was chasing a suspect on foot in the area of Shirlington Road and South Four Mile Run Drive. The suspect ran into an area of thick brush near Champion Billiards, where the officer apparently lost sight of him.

Police dogs and the U.S. Park Police Eagle helicopter were called in to look for the suspect. After about half an hour of combing the area, the search was called off.

Officers recovered a suspected stolen vehicle from the scene.

  • LyonSteve

    Why doesn’t Arlington have its own police helicopter?

    • CW

      It’s too environmentally unfriendly.

    • Allan

      And people would complain that it’s too noisy.

      • Lou

        And Falls Church would always be asking to borrow it.

        • CW

          That one made me guffaw a bit…

        • FedUp

          And people would complain about the cost.

        • OX4

          Ha! +1

      • BlueFlipFlops

        lol….ain’t that the truth.

  • G

    Maybe the cops should do some more running…

    • Lacy Forest

      Hey, you try running while wearing a bulletproof vest and 20 lbs. of gear around your waist.

      • CrystalMikey


        • Jason S.

          Or with 20 extra pounds in the waist and ass region.

  • Tabby

    So that’s what that was. The helicopter woke me up and I couldn’t go fully to sleep again!

    • UrsusMajeure

      Yeah, that copter was very loud, even compared to the ones that usually fly over Shirlington en route to the Pentagon or DC. It started at 330 and continued for hours.

  • Reply to G

    Says the man hiding (cowering) behind his computer the morning after.

  • SG

    Thank you! I was the person that sent you an email tip about this at 345 am when the helicopter kept me up and awake for an hour.

  • When next?

    Champion Billiards. Is that down the street from Bungalow Billiards?

    • Tabby

      That’s what I was thinking…

  • actually police departments can get chopper pretty cheap, i think LAPD only pays for half of their fleet of 19 AS350’s from eurocopter who uses LAPD for their advertising. an AS350 would do arlington alot of good, but unless you have a nadful of any type of chopper you cant guartentee having one airborn at all times but you can work shift rotations with them. as usual a suspect fleeing from ACPD got away, no matter how it happened its no suprise, those things just happen out of habit around this town. where would ACPD base just one air unit. well maybe keep it with park police, they have 3 helicopters maybe they could store another one? work together with them and split helicopter cost and maintenance, or work with MPDC who has 2 AS350’s they keep kinda close to the Nats ballpark, you could store one airship there and just always launch it from a “cold start” which in an AS350 with a ready crew monitoring ACPD dispatch a cold start from an AS350 is better then a cold Eagle unit “huey”. Personally i like the idea of having more then 20 air units of multiple types like LAPD and LA sheriff have, LAPD always has 2 standby helicopters while 3 are always in the air, ofcourse they cover the largest city in the world in terms of geographic size but it has been reasearched and found that with an airship overhead crime in that specific district under where the airship is patrolling actually dropped 70% in L.A. and thats from a study done with NASA. ACPD having just one air unit doesnt amount to alot and doesnt allow a widespread use of air based missions but with the idea of launcing from a cold start ACPD just might be able to pull it off but they need something to launch quick. an AS350 is awesome but a hughes 520 or NOTAR like PG county has may work just as well. I’d prefer AS350!! the cost would be that bad and AS350’s arent really loud,definietly not as loud as alot of these planes coming into or leaving Reagan national airport. I’ve been pressuring or atleast talking abouit ACPD getting just one helicopter for about 5 years now. they just dont have a good place to keep it so they should go into business with park police!! or build their own heliport like LAPD has which is a rooftop helicopter airport which holds 14 of their 23 air units. then ACPD could buy a dozen or so air units! Once again I used a comment section to talk about LAPD and their awesome air support division.

    • JS

      Someone needs to learn how to form a sentence….Anyway, Arlington is a small department based on the numbers they report. Fairfax has a force about 5 times what Arlington does so a helicopter makes more sense. Also, Arlington (and the NOVA area) is not LA. Perhaps you should move there?

      • CW

        +1. Longest sentence I’ve ever seen. Someone has too much time on their hands.

        Favorite spelling error from that post: “nadful”. LOL.

        • JS

          I think after a few that “paragraph” makes sense 😛

          • ??? when did novapj ever apply to a police force?? and his criminal record is spotless as seen in his recent video with the secret service, he doesnt even have a traffic ticket to his file! he’s been about the only person to fully support ACPD over the past couple years. I bet he doesnt really compare them to any other police force given that arlington is in the heart of where absolutely nothing ever happens, a place called the mid atlantic. I doubt novapj would ever want to be a police officer to begin with, he does prove over and over that police in this town often fail at the game called know the law and departmental policy. Twice he had ACPD called on him from DIA and when ACPD arrived they simply apologized and said everything he was doing was fine. Filming cops doesnt constitute impersonating cops and legally speaking the constitution does allow any american citizen to have a badge and gun of their own and effectively make citizens arrest as they see fit so long as all civil liberties are preserved. Virginia is an open carry state and and any virginia citizen has the right to hold anyone they please at gunpoint to be held accountable for any criminal acts they have commited, something “novapj” and others are looking into given that 2011 so fars has been a bit of a failing year for ACPD who would rather staff officers playing solitare at DARPA while banks in rosslyn and stores in clarendon are getting robbed during daylight hours, thats why private citizens fully armed will soon take the streets to do what ACPD refuses to do. Look it up, any citizen can create their own police force and be their own police officer and enforce the laws of the land, and quite a few people associated with “novapj” are willing to do so. By the way bounty hunters operate under the same statute, but if ACPD wont do it, heavily armed citizens with handcuffs without miranda will do just fine. More and more “people” are getting fed up with the skyrocketing crime rates in arlington county around rosslyn/clarendon, rapes, assaults, robberies tripled in recent months of recent years. Jim Crow will be unleashed if needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Lacy Forest

            Woo. Somebody is off their meds.

          • LyonSteve

            This does not sound like the novapj comments I have read in the past. I doubt its him.

          • db

            I agree it is much more punctuated and less rambling than the illiterate diatribe he usually posts.

          • db

            Is that a few six packs?

    • Lacy Forest

      Next time, let’s try some proper capitalization and punctuation. Then it might be possible to comfortably read what you are trying to say.

  • Le Tigre

    Arlington County is approximately 26 square miles, almost half of which is exclusive (or primary) federal jurisdiction not policed by ACPD(Arlington National Cemetery, the Pentagon complex, and the GW Parkway). A hot air balloon tethered above 50 & Glebe would be more practical than a helicopter… Helicopters are VERY expensive to maintain and staff, and is wildly impractical for a small department and geographic area like Arlington. The US Park Police aviation program is supported largely by funding from the Secret Service to support it’s protective mission in the DC area (read- Presidential motorcades).. Arlington County has much bigger funding issues and problems than operating a helicopter operation. Put that on your list of “**NEVER** Will Happen”

  • All the helicopters and police in the world couldnt find a dude in the valley if he didnt want to be found.

    • JS


  • LAPD’s air support division is responsible for over 7,000 arrests annually, the flight crew gets credited as the arresting officers minus doing the paperwork for booking or going to court! however unlike ACPD, LAPD is both pro active and community oriented. 3 helicopters always in the air, thats power. the NASA report also said crime could neccesarily be tripled without the use of air units. LAPD barely uses their dozens of K9’s given that before reporting uniformed officers are even onscene of calls atleast one sometime two helicopters are already overhead pinning down suspects. Typically a pursuit in LA only last for less then 2 minutes, matter of fact over 2,000 pursuits in LA eachyear are over and done with in less then a full minute which is why in past years its been rare to see LAPD specifically involved in televised chases that typically involved units from the county or CHP. Most LAPD pursuits are very quick and its because suspects in LA know that since 1985 LAPD has maintained a 30 second to 90 second response time from their air support division, the largest police aviation unit in the country working in the world’s largest georgraphical area. LAPD has 39 pilots and 39 tactical flight officers/observers who fly in there more than 20 helicopters and 3 planes. helicopters are key to either law enforcement or rescue missions within a city. Factor in all the helicopters belonging to LAPD, LA Sheriff’s, LA city fire and LA county fire, between those four agencies if a disaster breaks out in LA right there is roughly 60 helicopters available for search and rescue missions, on top of that theres a few dozen more police air units belonging to small cities with LA county, theres about 6 CHP helicopters in the LA area at anytime. Nearly 100 ready and able helicopters in the event that something happens in L.A., thats not including federal or military units which angelinos wont have to wait for like a “katrina” like scenario. Even the CHP responding from california had 4 helicopters and 300 officers/civilians and 70 vehicles in new orleans long before FEMA or the Louisiana national guard got there!

  • You’re an Idiot

    NovaPJ, I don’t know where you get your information, maybe you were a police consultant in a previous life. Thank you for making everyone who read your suggestion that much dumber. You make a hobby of following local police and fire personnel, as well as high security building officials in an attempt to get them to do something on film so you can be a youtube celebrity like Jimmy Justice (from Brooklyn). Arlington County’s public safety officials do a phenomenal job each and every day, and they don’t need toolbags like you trying to catch them slipping up only to make a big spectacle of it.

    As far as Helicopters, Los Angeles (city) serves a population of almost 4 million people, a major network of freeways and mountainous terrain. I think they can justify those full-time staffed units of not just police officers, but helicopter pilot certified. They also have a staffed SWAT and Harbor unit, maybe you think we should have those minimally staffed as well? If you add in the County of Los Angeles, you’re looking at a grand total of approx 9 million residents, more populated than most US States. I think again they can justify the use. Take Maryland State Police for another example in comparison. Maryland is just shy of 6 million population, but MSP staffs 8 helicopters across the state. USPP is just across the river at Anacostia and is up in the air within 5 minutes of dispatch. They are an excellent resource in Northern Virginia, as well as Fairfax County Police. Your brilliant ideas would not be cost effective, since helicopter police officers are a lot more expensive to pay, and the cost to operate, maintain, and insure a helicopter operation is too expensive for such a low demand and high population density.

    And yes, Falls Church would be calling all the time for it.

  • Breathe

    Wow… Someone needs to take their lithium(!)… Take a breath, PJ.. and find a more productive and meaningful hobby(!!)..

  • Bringmetheyuppies

    Dude just needed a ride home to the valley!

  • Jimmy Johnson

    I’ll lay 3 to 1 odds that novapj is a grown man living in his parent’s basement. With cats. I have to get out of this area….

    • CW

      I found a picture.

    • LyonSteve

      Go to his youtube channel. You can see that he posts some time lapse videos, which are from above ground. So I doubt he lives in the basement. Whether or not he lives with his parents, your welcome to do more research.


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