Arlington Young Dems Prep for Charity Date Auction

by March 21, 2011 at 3:47 pm 2,905 33 Comments

The Arlington Young Democrats are preparing for their biggest night of the year, not counting election night.

The Young Dems will be holding their 10th annual charity date auction Wednesday from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. at Clarendon Grill (1101 N. Highland Street). More than 100 people have RSVPed for the event, which will feature “over twenty of Arlington’s sexiest bachelors and bachelorettes,” as well as celebrity auctionees Rep. Jim Moran, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former Rep. Tom Perriello and former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe.

AYD has released YouTube videos featuring two of its non-celebrity auctionees. Kat, above, is a personal trainer who says she can squat 175 pounds, enough to (probably) lift her date. Be forewarned, gents: you don’t want to pay for her meal with a Groupon. Chris, seen here, will take a lucky lady on a Potomac River sailboat ride with wine and cheese. He expects to fetch at least $10 to $15 at auction.

The auction will benefit the Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network. Attendees are encouraged to bring a new pair of men’s boxer shorts — in large, XL or XXL sizes — to donate at the door for a raffle ticket.

  • borf

    It’s 2011 and women still expect free stuff from men.

  • Deebo


    • Lou

      I know, McAuliffe is going to be there.

  • ChrisG

    I don’t get what would be wrong about paying for her meal w/ a group on. Is living social also unacceptable?

  • BiArlington

    Are any of the auctionees gay men? Are only women allowed to bid on the men? (Not that I’m expecting much!) If there event is on Wednesday you’d think that they would have their auctionee page updated.

    • Interpol

      I had the exact same question as BiArlington…until this morning, that is.

      Apparently, none of the auctionees are into other men, but there are some bi women. This would disappoint me if any of the guys were my type.

      Alas, that isn’t the case so if I go, I’ll be bidding on lunch with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz or Tom Periello.

      • Interpol

        Strike that. One auctionee is bi and another one is gay. Neither one was even remotely attractive. Bah humbug.

  • JamesE

    I am having an apathetic independent date auction at my condo, $5 cover BYOB.

  • Overgrown Bush

    I wonder what the Young Conservatives are up to?

    • ChrisG

      The Arlington/Falls Church Young Republicans have a meeting 7 pm tonight w/ RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day @ Ri Ra in Clarendon.

      • el fat kid

        Expert in vote suppression from Broward County, Florida? boooorrrrinnnggg.

        The young Republican events used to be so much more fun.

      • mehoo

        No, Chris, we don’t actually care.

        • borf

          Speak for yourself mehoo, I care.

          • Sock Detective

            Just bizarre.

          • mehoo

            Well played, sir.

  • BlueFlipFlops

    yay, just what arlington needs. more democrats.

  • Steve

    Free advice to Kat…get over yourself.

  • Clyde

    I’d rather go to the cow auction in Warrenton and bid on something that I know has more common sense than a brainwashed self-centered narcissistic pro-abortion Democrat.

    • el fat kid

      Wah wah… Did somebody ate some cranky pie?

      Speaking of narcissism, what’s imposing your morality on others? Is it rooted in your fear of commas?

    • mehoo

      Pro-abortion? Is that where you think all pregnancies should be aborted?

  • Sarah

    Fellas, fellas, easy…
    If you stayed until the end of that video, she’s looking for a sense of humor.
    Obviously, some of you don’t have one. 🙂
    If it’s not for you, it’s for somebody else – keep it movin’!
    Make that money Kat! LOL

    • mehoo

      She can pay for her own sense of humor along with her dinner.

    • R0bespierre

      Humor? Women being so overtly materialistic in dating seems about as sexist to me as a guy saying he’s looking for a girl whose favorite hobbies are cooking and cleaning. Most younger, progressive women don’t find “cleaning requirements” funny, why should we men find a gold digger funny? Clued men find them pathetic.

  • Good time

    Young Democrat = still in school or broke.

    • mehoo

      Young Republican = goofing off while on the payroll at daddy’s law firm

    • 22201

      I’m Republican Since We Can’t All Receive Government Handouts!

      • CW

        Apparently the government was handing out free capital letters this morning.

      • el fat kid

        eh, that’s pretty off… it’s the heavy Dem states like New York, CT, etc., that pay the most into the system and get the least back. Meanwhile the heavy Repub states like Idaho & Alaska that are living off the government teet, getting back 4x what they pay into the system.

        Viewing govt assistance purely as welfare, medicaid, wic or liheap is pretty narrow-minded. You start looking at what it costs to maintain a road through the middle of nowhere to three farms, all of which are receiving ag subsidies, public education, probably at least one or two of them are on medicaid, and they’re all drinking water that’s safe b/c of a federal grant.

      • Jorge

        I know a lot of republicans that live of government handouts…they live in Warrenton.

  • Arlington, Northside

    So the Young Arlington Democrats are going to make themselves Street Walkers for the night to help the Street People?

  • Too Easy

    How much to pick targets in Libya?

  • DT

    I am all for the young democrats auctioning themselves off. If they hit it off, they will marry, have kids, move to the burbs and realize how stupid they were for being democrats.

  • Kat

    Let’s get a few things straight here, first of all, I am not part of AYD. I am doing this strictly for ASPAN. Second, obviously you people lack a sense of humor because the Groupon thing was a joke, but about 85% of the single female population would probably agree. Third, my job enables me to help people create a strong sense of confidence and self esteem. Not only am I a personal trainer, but I also coach an after-school athletics program for elementary school students as well as volunteering for INOVA hospitals and I am active in several charities within the area, what do you do? I’m so sorry that you live such a mundane lifestyle following the same old hum-drum routine day in and day out that you have nothing better to do but comment on my video interview for just a spark of excitement in your life. Why don’t you stop screwing around on the internet and actually do some work. With that being said, sorry I’m not sorry for what I’ve said, and don’t bother trying to form some kind of rebuttal to my post because I won’t be checking this site after today, however, if you do find something so profound to say to me, you know where to find me. Hope to see you at the auction!


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