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County Planning Director Susan Bell Retiring

by ARLnow.com April 13, 2011 at 3:10 pm 3,612 12 Comments

A top Arlington official is retiring.

Susan Bell, director of the county’s Community Planning, Housing and Development department, will be leaving her post in June, county spokeswoman Mary Curtius said. Her departure comes as the county is in the midst of revamping its zoning ordinance.

Bell has worked for Arlington since 1983.

  • Use the snow Luke

    No! Susan is one of the most amazing, hard working, and balanced employees in the county. Thank you for your service to our community.

    • LV

      Susan Bell is not one of the best – she is one of the luckiest to have slid by this long. In recent years Ms. Bell has covered up employee waste, fraud, and abuse. She has given special favors and considerations to developers, realtors, and other party favorites. She has consistently ignored the needs of the single family neighborhoods in favor of the “sexier” developments along the R-B corridor. The heat has been turned up on her since Michael Brown came on board as CM and now Ms. Bell is bailing out. Her “leadership” is the perfect example of why AC needs an independent investigative function such as an inspector general. Goodbye, good riddance, and it’s not one day too soon.

  • Society


  • DT

    Maybe they can hire someone who will stop the assault on traffic flow in order to assist stupid pedestrians. Don’t get me started on the circles….

    • DT

      Wrong department. Scratch that thought.

  • charlie

    one of the best.
    hope she can clean up the Zoning Administrator mess before she leaves.

    • FedUp

      She should have cleaned up the zoning administrator mess a long time ago. She was a zoning administrator herself at one time. It doesn’t always work out when you promote from within. On the inside, she didn’t bother to find out what’s going on in her department. I’m glad she’s leaving.

  • For seriously.

    Future county manager material.

  • Jon

    LV are you going to sit and throw stones or provide proof of accusations?

    • LV

      AC has documentation. Let an independent investigative authority judge it. The Civic Federation was right to call for an inspector general function.

  • LV

    @ARL.now You should ask the County Manager to explain the terms of Susan Bell’s departure. Did she “retire” or was she terminated ala Michael Brown? What are the terms of her “retirement” or severance? What does Marsha Allgeier know about the allegations over at least the past three years from various individuals against Susan Bell and her various departments – zoning, inspections, code enforcement, planning, affordable housing – and when did Marsha Allgeier learn of the allegations? I believe you can find more to this story that the County has told.

  • Barbara Donnellan

    Susan Bell has been a rock in this organization. I am greatly saddened to read these inflammatory accusations made against her. She brings incredible talent, stability and knowledge to the County. Her 27 years of experience in this County are most valuable and will be greatly missed. In fact, earlier this month, the Arlington County Civic Federation honored Susan with an award recognizing her “fair, open and effective leadership” and willingness to work with local residents. It is unfortunate that people have to hide behind the anonymity of these unfounded accusations.

    Susan made her decision last month to retire in June. She wants to take on the next stage of her life and will be looking forward to a couple of months break and then on to something else. We will miss her expertise, dedication and friendship. Arlington has benefitted from the many years of her service to our community. I am proud to have been able to work beside her for many years. — Barbara Donnellan, County Manager


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