Crime Report: Teen Girl Touched Inappropriately

by ARLnow.com June 23, 2011 at 8:49 am 3,294 16 Comments

A 13-year-old girl was touched inappropriately while walking home from school on Tuesday. From this week’s Arlington County crime report:

SEXUAL BATTERY, 06/21/11, 5500 block of Columbia Pike. On June 21 at 2:50 pm, a 13 year-old girl was walking home from school when an unknown male jogged toward her and touched her chest. The victim yelled and ran home. The suspect is described as a white Hispanic male in his 40’s of average height and build. He had a shaved head and was wearing a loose fitting blue t-shirt with white writing on the front and khaki shorts.

The rest of the crime report, including a man accused of setting his roommate’s car on fire, after the jump.

ARSON-ARREST, 06/22/11, 2600 block of Washington Boulevard. A man set fire to his roommate’s vehicle. Police located the suspect a short time later. John Hall, 26, of Arlington, was charged with Burning Personal Property and Use of Fire Bombs/Explosive Materials. He was held without bond.

BANK ROBBERY, 06/20/11, 2000 block of Wilson Boulevard. On June 20 at 3:30 pm, an unknown man entered a bank displaying a handgun. He demanded money, and once he received cash, fled. The suspect is described as an African American male in his late 20’s, 5’10” and 160 lbs. He was wearing black pants, a black hooded sweatshirt with sliver markings on the front, and a mask covering most of his face.

ASSAULT ON POLICE-ARREST, 06/14/11, 1600 block of N. George Mason Drive. On June 14 at 2:30 pm, a hospital patient assaulted a doctor. When police arrested the suspect, she resisted arrest and bit an officer. Marilene Lunnie, 59, of Falls Church, was charged with Assault and Battery and Assault and Battery on Law Enforcement. She was released on her own recognizance.

ASSAULT ON POLICE-ARREST, 06/22/11, 1400 block of S. Hayes Street. On June 21 at 5:30 pm, police were called to the mall for a disorderly group of females. Two 17 year olds were stopped. They lied about their identities and one assaulted a police officer. They were transported to detention.

BURGLARY (SERIES), 06/20/11, 1100 block of N. Utah Street. On June 20 between 3 pm and 5 pm, an unknown subject entered two residences in the same block and stole numerous items. There are no known suspects.

BURGLARY, 06/20/11, 3700 block of N. 7th Street. On June 20 between 1:45 pm and 4:45 pm, an unknown subject forcibly entered an apartment. Various items were stolen. There is no suspect description.

BURGLARY, 06/20/11, 6100 block of Lee Highway. On June 20 between 6:45 am and 5 pm, an unknown subject entered an unlocked residence and stole a computer and bicycle. There are no known suspects.

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY, 06/20/11, 700 block of N. Glebe Road. On June 19 at 7:30 pm, a man hid in a mall store after closing and stole money from the cash registers. The suspect is described as an African American male in his late 20’s.

EXPOSURE (SERIES)-ARREST, 06/19/11, 1600 block of Clarendon Boulevard and 1000 block of N. Daniel Street. On June 19 at 12:30 am, a woman was walking home when she observed a male sitting in the front passenger seat of a parked vehicle exposing himself. At 1:15 am, a different woman was walking from the metro when a man exposing himself confronted her. She ran from the area and called the police. Officers located the suspect in a vehicle matching the description of the first incident. King Cleveland Reed III, 39, of Alexandria, was charged with two count of Indecent Exposure. He was held on a $3,000 bond.

LARCENY FROM AUTO (SERIES), 06/17/11, Arlington Ridge Neighborhood. Between 7 pm on June 16 and 7 am on June 17, an unknown subject entered at least five unlocked vehicles in the same neighborhood. Various items were stolen and there is no suspect description.

LARCENY FROM AUTO (SERIES), 06/19/11, 800 block of Army Navy Drive. On June 18 between 5 pm and 9 pm, an unknown subject broke into at least two vehicles and stole various items. There are no known suspects.


6/15/11, Untagged, 2006 Roketa scooter, red, 700 block of S. Wayne Street

6/15/11, WA 963214, 2006 Kawasaki motorcycle, blue, 3500 block of S. Ball Street

6/15/11, VA 570790, 2007 Yamaha motorcycle, gray, 3000 block of S. Randolph Street

6/16/11, VA XNV1105, 2002 Toyota 4runner, gold, 3100 block of S. 6th Street

6/17/11, VA ZBL8987, 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee, green, 2300 block of N. 11th Street

6/17/11, VA 661360, 2006 Suzuki motorcycle, blue, 2200 block of Crystal Drive

  • NomNom

    No stolen vehicles? Interesting.

    • That was our fault… adding the stolen vehicles now.

    • larry

      It’s probably the former Falls Church City Mayor’s douche bag Democrat husband

  • BerryBerryCold

    Columbia Pike, teen touched by man, anyone want to play guess the suspect?

    • Tabby


  • barlington

    the headline story sounds eerily similar to others posted on arlnow:

    ASSAULT OF JUVENILE, 12/4/2006, 200 blk N. Wayne St. At approximately 1725 hrs on 12/04/06, a 13-year-old girl walking outside of an apartment building was approached by two men who got out of a nearby vehicle. One of the men grabbed her from behind and the other grabbed her arms. The girl was able to break free from the men, run away, and call the police. Officers arrived and located the two suspects sitting in their vehicle. Arrested were Tereso De Jesus Bonilla, 41, and Jose Mario Flores, 34, both of Arlington. They were charged with Assault and Battery and held without bond.


    ABDUCTION-ARREST 04/17/11, 2000 block of N. Cleveland Street. On April 17 at 5:30 pm, a woman was running on a bike trail when a man grabbed her and kissed her. She broke free of his embrace and fled. The suspect was located by police. Tereso De Jesus Bonilla, 45, of Arlington, was charged with Abduction. He was held without bond.

    • Maria

      Wait… 2006?

      • Maria

        Oh never mind. Got it.

  • Rick

    I went to high school with the accused car torcher… none of this surprises me

  • SoCo Resident

    What’s so sad about this is that it may prevent this young girl from traveling in the coummunity, gaining confidence in herself and trusting people. That age should be magical, not scary. I hope she is ok and, of course, this guy and all like him caught.

    • Tabby

      Sadly, this is nothing new. There have always been and always will be monsters like this. Ask any woman and you’ll hear at least a few stories of predatory behavior experienced at age 13+, sometimes from family friends, dads of friends, men in cars, etc.

  • Wanting to be like “CW”

    White Hispanic Male?????? Is there such a thing?? WOW get your racial profiling correct POLICE!!!

    • Jason S.

      Most Hispanics are categorized as whites in crime reporting. I think it’s to spread the blame a bit.

    • brendan

      eh, both of you are way off.

  • Joe Hoya

    Typical negative media. Why not report all the times that teen girls are touched appropriately?

  • h.a. gallucio

    i’m a manager at the italian store at lyon village,and can’t find the e-mail for the cops or the patch it was reported in and there was a bank robbery i think last weekend in clarendon and someone who fits the description was hanging around outside the shopping center.one of the regulars with the deli and starbucks said someone out front was seated at a table and harassing customers,also panhandling at giant.i didn’t see the front of him.same clothes though and hat.it was on a sunday.haven’t seen him since.maybe put a poster up.it was crowded so a lot of customers probably saw him.don’t get many like that the past years so other people probably noticed.i’ll ask the customer about it when i see him again,probably this week.


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