Breaking: Accident Causes I-395 Delays

by Katie Pyzyk July 25, 2011 at 2:31 pm 2,854 16 Comments

Updated at 2:43 All lanes of I-395 have been reopened at Arlington Ridge Road. Police had shut down the three southbound right lanes for a multiple car accident requiring the extrication of a victim.  At least one person was transported to the hospital.

Traffic had been backed up to the Pentagon, but delays are starting to dissipate.



  • Lou

    We were about due for our monthly accident there.

    • CW

      And on the first rainy day in a while, right on cue.

      • Bluemontsince1961

        Ain’t that the truth! It doesn’t even have to be a big rain, just a light drizzle to either: 1) Cause an accident which backs up traffic forever or 2) Back up traffic forever just because it is a light rain. Just like a mere 1/10 of an inch of snow (not ice) causes every road around to backup.

        • brian

          it was a big downpour here at the pentagon.

          anyways, lots of oils in/on the roads, so mix that with water and you got a ice rink.

          and in the winter time, with all the traffic, that 1/10″ of snow turns into ice from cars melting it and it refreezing when traffic slows down.

          • Bluemontsince1961

            The big problem is that most people in the area drive way too fast, especially when it rains or snows in any amount, which is guaranteed to cause accidents due to the factors you mentioned.

          • doodly

            They have to go fast to make up time for when there is an accident.

            It’s all very logical.

          • Aaron

            Disagree. The problem is everyone in DC area always drives super slow, even in left lane. Which is a problem on I-66 inside the Beltway. Get stuck behind some idiot going 40 in the right lane, so the moron going 50 in the left lane to pass ….. learn how to hit a gas pedal here people.

      • BerryBerryCold

        Speaking of rain, I started a thread about a month ago in the forums about “foam” on the roads after it rains, which I hadn’t noticed before around here.

        I posted some pictures as well on the last page of the thread:


        Anyone have ideas?

        • Jackflops

          I believe this is called “road santorum.”

          • doodly


          • AllenB

            Now THAT made me laugh (and nod approvingly)!

        • Mr. Brown

          This can actually come from a variety of sources… if it hasn’t rained in a while, it can be petrochemical residue from cars, but pollen, dust, fertilizer, and decomposing plants all could cause a “foam”. Keep in mind the “bubbles” are going to be there from the rain hitting standing water. The foam is just caused by those bubbles not popping immediately.

          • doodly

            It can also be the frothy mix after…oh, never mind.

          • AllenB

            Just google Rick Santorum and the first or second listing will explain it all.

  • Southeast Ben

    Northbound, Southbound (I assume)?

    Can we get some photos to get me through this workday?

  • charles

    Old news. Check actual traffic at


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