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Borders Book Bonanza

by Katie Pyzyk July 26, 2011 at 3:48 pm 5,439 20 Comments

Here’s your chance to catch up on summer reading at a lower cost than expected. Borders’ liquidation sale is officially on.

It’s no secret that Borders filed for bankruptcy in February and then announced last week that all stores would be closing, including the one in Pentagon City. Now you can pick up books and basically anything in the remaining Borders store in our area, at 1201 S. Hayes Street in Pentagon Centre, for 10-40% off.

The sale will continue until the stores close, which is expected to be in September.

  • Kochimom

    So NOW they are selling books at the Costco price. Should have thought of it sooner, might still be in business.

  • JustSayNo

    I went by the first day and then a couple of days later. Most of the books you would actually want are just 10% off. Though, some are 20% off. Remember — that’s off the list price. Borders might as well have been named “Jos. A Borders” for their stupid pricing schemes. They were always sending out 30-50% off list price coupons every other day to try and get someone to come in a purchase a book. Thus, their 10-20% off books might as well be an invitation to come in a pay for books at more than it would have cost you with a coupon before they went into liquidation. The only thing I can remember being 40% off were Blu-rays. List price, of course.

    • Jackflops

      Jos. A. Borders– good one!

      “Borders is having a TWOfer sale! EXECUTIVE hardbacks, buy one, get two fer half off!”

  • Newspapers, Tower Records, book stores. All the old school media are disappearing. Sigh….

    • Tabby

      I miss Tower Records, and I miss investigative journalism (for the most part–it’s there but diminished), but Borders made a lot of missteps.

    • Bluemontsince1961

      Yep. Tower Records…..I built up my jazz collection over the years thanks to them. When I was in college in St. Louis, there was a place called Peaches. Wow, they made Tower look like it was standing still. I believe Tower is online, FYI.

      • St. Louis still has Vintage Vinyl!

  • Stew Magnuson

    I poked my head into the Bailey’s Crossroads store. 20 percent off history books. So what? That’s normal on amazon.com.

    • V Dizzle

      Steve Holt!

  • Ali

    The only other bargain to be had right now are magazines which are also 40% off. If you like UK mags like I do, it makes them borderline affordable. As stated, books aren’t bargains or even at Amazon prices yet. You have to weigh getting bigger bargains later with picked over selection.


    Went to the Borders in Baileys Friday night….long lines, only 10% off and to top it off they had turned the A/C off…guess how long we stayed there???

    • Tabby

      Oh good grief!

      I visited the downtown store a lot when it was closing, and was not impressed with the discounts or stock.

    • am lilley

      The AC was broken and not OFF

  • Bender

    Wow! A whole 10-40 percent off. You mean, regular sale prices, which are still often higher than Amazon? What a deal.

    And, as noted, at least at Bailey’s Crossroads, they care so little about their customers, they didn’t even bother with air conditioning. I took a look at their thermostat and it was 88 degree and like a sauna in there. As a result, I wasn’t there long enough to give them my money, but only long enough to take a leak, then I was out of there.

  • WestoverAndOver

    Liquidation sales not offering great discounts? Not surprised, not the goal. Newspapers? Someone offered me the sports section a few days ago. I laughed.

  • Don

    The opening time in a liquidation deal is never a deal. It’s a deliberate effort to separate the suckers (sorry) from their money by using the big old banners screaming GOING OUT OF BUSINESS to keep people from double-checking to make sure it’s really a deal.

    As Westover says, it’s not the point. This isn’t even run by Borders anymore, it’s now a liquidation company who has an interest not in closing things out cleanly but in recouping as much cash as possible from the shutdown. If part of that is selling at a higher than usual price for a week then that’s what they’re gonna do.

  • Dan

    Wait a week…..when they closed the store down at 18th and L there were good bargains to be had a week or so after the sale started.
    The discount is progressive through time….of course the selection is as well.

  • am lilley

    In all you discussions about discounts on books and magazines please remember that 11,000 people are losing their jobs. This was a long time coming for Borders and they made many mistakes to get them to this place, however, there are employees in these stores who are working to the end, still trying to serve customers while knowing they now have to find a job in a terrible economy.

  • North Cherrydaler

    I’m sorry to see Borders go–and sorry for their employees, too.

    I went to the Baileys Crossroads Borders and came out with five good books for $17. If you’re willing to hunt through the bargain bins (which are extensive now), you can find some good stuff, and then that’s marked off another 20%. But 10% off the other books–that doesn’t count as a real “sale.”


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