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by Katie Pyzyk July 28, 2011 at 11:10 am 4,549 45 Comments


Updated at 12:18pm  Police are are looking for a man who robbed the BB&T bank at 6120A Arlington Boulevard in Falls Church. The suspect was reportedly seen fleeing the scene on foot wearing a surgical mask. There was a report that he was seen in the area of Upton Hill Regional Park.

This bank was hit earlier this month, also by a man wearing a surgical mask.

Arlington County Police are also on the lookout for the suspect.

  • TGEoA

    The nurse did it.

  • Thes

    Maybe he forgot his ATM code…

  • Joe Hoya

    Have they robbed so many BB&Ts now that they’re having to go back and do ones they already hit?

  • CW

    So the only confirmed fact in this article is that “police are being told to look for a man”.

    • chipotle_addict

      Definitely a man. Unless it was a woman.

      • Aaron

        Careful with those generalizations. You don’t want to upset the crossdresser advocacy faction here. They’re easily riled.

    • PikeResident

      I tell you everything…he look like a man.


  • Tre

    This is just getting rigotdamndiculous

    • Nunya


  • Richard Cranium

    Man, I keep hearing it’s tough to make a living as a doctor anymore, but I didn’t think it had come to this!

  • O.C.

    Obviously the robber is not remotely concerned about the police doing anything to catch him.

    • John Fontain

      Maybe they should instruct all the local BB&T branches to replace their dye packs with dog treats or beef jerky. Then they could deploy the K-9 units to quickly track down “Dr. Rob.”

  • JamesE

    I think I might start to rob banks, seems pretty easy.

  • novasteve

    Wow, I was just at that Safeway last night.

  • John Fontain

    Could be a dentist. Or a dental hygienist. Maybe they had a last minute cancellation allowing for some extra time in the workday.

  • JimPB

    Are there bank surveillance photos of the robber?

    Was the robber given the packet of currency with the explosive red dye?
    Or was the packet offered but rejected by the knowledgeable robber? (The downside of realistic crime on TV?) Might it be time for a new approach: including a miniature GPS device with the packet of money.

    Do robberies of businesses cause the involved employees to transfer elsewhere or quit?

  • YoBimbo

    Not even the color of his skin? Or do they include that only when it’s minorities?

    • John Fontain

      You mean only when it’s NOT minorities.

    • Southeast Ben

      What’s considered a minority nowadays?

      Perhaps this robber needed money for the batting cages and putt putt.

    • YoBimbo

      I knew I should have used “non-whites.”

  • esmith69

    I’m usually a big supporter of law enforcement, but I have to say it certainly seems like they’ve dropped the ball with respect to solving these repeated robberies.. How many have there been already in Arlington alone this year????

    • Johnny Utah

      I don’t know about Arlington, but 1322 last year in LA county. Up 26 percent from the year before.

      • esmith69

        According to Wikipedia, L.A. County’s population as of the 2010 census was 9,818,605. 1322 bank robberies (not sure where you got that number, but let’s roll with it for now) for the year equates to one bank robbery per 7427 people.

        For Arlington County, the 2010 population was 207,627. Roughly 27 bank robberies for the entire year would put us about on par proportionally with L.A. County’s bank robbery rate.

        Then again, who wants to compare crime statistics with a place like L.A.? I’d like to think our crime rates are significantly lower than theirs. I’d be interested to know what the exact number of bank robberies so far in Arlington County is….and yes I realize that the robbery this story is about may not even be located in Arlington County.

    • O.C.

      When you abdicate traffic enforcement to cameras…

      When you fail for three days to put out a bulletin in Arlandria about a minor being touched sexually…

      When you look the other way as dogs run off-leash throughout the county…

      When you see people routinely drive through Stop signs in front of ACPD HQ in Courthouse…

      When you see the Police wasting their time trying to change Arlington’s form of government over a contract dispute…

      Then it’s no surprise the criminals are going to test the police, SUCCESSFULLY.

      At some point, you have to do more than rely on the public’s goodwill toward you. You have to actually, you know, EARN that goodwill. That doesn’t happen in the window booth at Corner Bakery.

      • Bob

        Rash and uninformed generalizations, your table for 1 is ready!

  • Tre

    Why do banks even need branches anymore? Who the hell goes inside to a counter to withdraw money?? Grandma needs to learn how to use the ATM machine because that’s where the only loose money should be kept. Problem solved. Next

    • Arlington Genius

      Restaurants, bars, other cash businesses are probably a large part of the people who go inside for deposits and withdrawals. Also those withdrawing more than the ATM limit. But thanks for your expert opinion on how to change the entire banking industry and solve this problem. I’m sure they will take your suggestion under advisement and close up all their branches immediately.

      • Tre

        Smart ATMs (i.e. Bank of America) can eliminate the majority of human to human cash based transactions via unlimited cash deposits. Max withdrawals depend on account type, and I’m assuming business accounts have a higher limit. Obviously branches are still required as LPOs, I was simply exaggerating their waning utility since cash is dying.

        • noodles

          My family has a safety deposit box, ironically at one of the branches that was robbed in the past few months. There are documents and valuables that are better stored there than scattered about our various homes.

          Banks also provide notary services, although not exclusively. They are where most people go to get something notarized.

          And as noted above, they serve local businesses who need to deposit their cash receipts. I see this all the time in Georgetown.

          A kid would think that banks are not needed, and you’re more than welcome to keep buying cupcakes with your iphone app. The adults will continue to need our walk-in banks.

          Side note: two very lucrative properties on Wisconsin Ave have been developed over the past 7 to 9 years, the only redeveloped parcels in those neighborhoods. One was Japan Inn at R, the other an electrical wholesaler at Q Street. Guess what got built on those sites? The only two new buildings in the past decade along that stretch? Brick and mortar banks. No more than 3 blocks apart.

          The demise of the bank branch has been greatly overstated.

          • CW

            It’s true. Lots of bank openings in Arlington too. Burke and Herbert in Clarendon Center and Sandy Spring in the Super Pollo building come to mind immediately.

          • Tre

            People really take bank branches to the heart. Sorry to offend you but I was simply stating that loose cash should try to be minimized to limit bank robberies. I’ll go ahead and call the whambulance right after I’m done with my cupcake.

          • noodles

            Oh, no offense. I don’t mind informing the naive.

            Oh, and BTW, have you ever heard of robberies at ATMs?

          • Tre

            Hahaha no offense? So your cupcake eating child/naive barbs must be your normal way of interacting with people.

            Ever heard of ING? Ever heard of technological advances? Remote imaging? Couriers? Credit Cards? Online Banking? The Inter-webs? No? Surely you have access in your “various houses” to the super-information-highway! If you’re still alive in 15 years you can see what I mean. Use your noodle!

          • noodles

            Settle down, Cupcake.

          • Tre

            Brick killed a guy!

      • CW

        I don’t agree with Tre entirely (and I think he is joking anyhow), but I am curious to hear you say that cash businesses make their deposits at branches, as it got me to thinking. I wonder what the cutoff size is where people start having Brinks or Garda come out regularly? It always fascinates me when I see cash-only businesses because, while credit card fees do hurt merchants some, I’d be more worried about that liability of having all that cash on hand.

        I mean, how much cash do you think Hell Burger has in the back room at 10 PM on a summer Saturday?

        • Aaron

          They keep open flame and sharp cutting instruments back there, I’d like to see someone try to rob them.

          • Southeast Ben

            I wonder how much of that cash is reported?

    • Blueloom

      Grandmas were using ATMs (and computers) before some of you were born. Watch your generalizing, stereotyping mouth.

      Why doesn’t anyone look at the fact that it seems to be only (or at least mainly) BB&T’s that are getting robbed? Maybe someone on the inside is passing along security secrets?

  • I got that PAM

    Dr. Funkenstein

  • I got that PAM
  • SaveDaveMcKenna

    I wonder if this guy has the nerve to rob the FDIC.

    • ArlForester

      That’s Wall Street’s job, thank you.

  • E H

    Robbing BB&T is the new brown flip flops

  • Arlwhenever

    The mask was a give away, would have been easier for the robber to disappear into the crowd at Upton Hill with swimming goggles.


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