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Updated at 11:06am Police are responding to a robbery at the Presidential Bank at 901 N. Stuart Street near the Ballston Metro. Reports indicate the suspect handed a bag to a teller and demanded money. Police are looking for a black male in his mid-50s, about 5’6″ and medium build, wearing a white shirt and khaki pants and a baseball cap, possibly carrying a brown bag.

There are reports the suspect headed in the direction of the Ballston Commons Mall.  Pedestrian traffic throughout the area and inside the mall may be limited as police conduct their investigation.

  • (another) Greg

    Wait… A bank other than a BB&T was robbed?!?!?

    • Lou

      Here’s an interesting point, there is a BB&T just one block over. But that bank has that strange entry with stairs and an escalator with all the branch services one floor up. I wonder if that type of design drives off potential robbers?

      Yeah I know, I probably just jinxed them.

  • Lou

    The eff?

    • EFC

      All of you throwing the “CCW” and “license” terms around should note even have one for not knowing what it’s called.

      It’s a Concealed Handgun Permit. No such thing as a license to carry a “weapon” in a concealed way. You’re only PERMITTED to carry a hand gun concealed, no other types of weapons.

  • BerryBerryCold

    This is getting out of hand in Arlington. Criminals know they can get away with robbing banks here are apparently are taking advantage of it.

    Is it time for a CCW license?

    • Henry

      Sounds like a good idea, especially if you’re in the bank teller field. Seriously though, just one of these robbers needs to get shot by a concerned citizen to at least slow them down a bit…

    • KalashniKEV

      Waiting for a crime wave to get your CCW is like waiting for a car accident to wear your seat belt.

      I’m sure more people will say “it’s just banks” and wait until they become victimized personally.

      I say get it for sure, and the next and most important step is to actually USE it. If you have a family or are responsible for the safety of another, it’s a must.

      • Bluemontsince1961

        @BerryBerrycold, Henry, and KalishniKev, I think you are right, but you know such ideas will never go over in Arlington. It would never be “permitted”, if you know what I mean.

        • KalashniKEV

          “It would never be “permitted”, if you know what I mean.”

          What DO you mean? My CCW turnaround was about two months and everyone involved was courteous and helpful.

          You also don’t need any permit in VA to open carry… which I don’t make a habit of doing, but it’s nice to know I can if I want to.

          • Bluemontsince1961

            I meant that while the law in VA itself permits it, there are folks that have fits about any CCW in Arlington, those that oppose CCW even though it is legal. The super anti-gun for any reason crowd. Hence why it put “permitted” in quotes.

          • KalashniKEV

            I’m still having trouble following…

            if you’re CCW’ing, then how would anyone know? If you’re OC’ing, how could anyone not “permit” you of anything? “No Guns Allowed” signs don’t carry force of law in VA, and while they can certainly refuse service or ask you to leave, you really shouldn’t be there in the first place.

            I wouldn’t spend any money in a “No Guns Allowed” establishment just as I wouldn’t in a “No Asians Allowed,” “No Jews Allowed,” etc.

          • Bluemontsince1961

            I probably didn’t get my point across very clearly, I was expressing surprise that Arlington allows anyone to legally own and register a gun at all, seeing that Arlington seems far more anti-gun than the rest of Virginia.

          • KalashniKEV

            There is no gun registration in VA… this is America! Registration is a precursor to confiscation.

            The only additional burden we carry in the way of restriction is a $2 VA State Police form in addition to a 4473, and a Machine Gun Registration for Full Autos (it’s free).

            Other than that, we have open carry, no “duty to inform” a LEO, no silly transport regs… Life is Good!

          • Bluemontsince1961

            Thanks for the clarification. Sorry if the point I was trying to make was muddled or misunderstood.

          • KalashniKEV

            I don’t know why it didn’t post- but if you’re CCW’ing no one would know, and if you’re OC’ing no one is entitled to deny you permission of anything- except service, which you shouldn’t be spending money in such a place anyway.

    • Ben

      While I know your just trolling – banks specifically instruct tellers to comply with a robbers demands (even if they are silly).

      Since it’s a federal crime and they are insured against loss – it’s not really worth it to try and stop them. The feds don’t take bank robbery lightly……

    • SomeGuy

      Bank robberies generally don’t call for a shootout, particularly by your average non-law-enforcement citizen. Tellers should just give ’em the money & send them on their way whenever possible, which often keeps the situation from escalating.

      In general though, having a permit to carry a concealed weapon is a great idea for law-abiding citizens who are level-headed, have no criminal intent, and are competent with securing and operating firearms.

      • Henry

        Indeed it is a good idea! And it should be clarified that a “shootout” is different from putting a few holes in a bank robber while his back is to you and watching him drop…

        • ZoningVictim

          Wouldn’t that actually be murder, unless a jury can be convinced that a man with a bag and a note made you fear for your personal safety?

          • Not the Deputy

            Gotta believe Henry was saying his “feel good” piece where the bad guy gets it “in the end”…

        • Maria

          It concerns me that people think someone robbing a bank deserves to be killed (with his back to you no less?). We’re talking middle-aged men here, not Hollywood-inspired professional thieves shooting indiscriminately at innocent citizens.

          • Glebe Roader

            And if someone is robbing my house, (s)he deserves it, too.

          • Bluemontsince1961

            +10, Glebe Roader!

          • If somene has entered my home they must get past an alarm system and a dog who will be very loud and protective. Should this person choose to continue to enter the home past both of these, I will drop him(her) to the ground with one shot. My justification is not that they were going to rob me. It is that, given the effort to continue to enter the home despite two barriers of deterrent, they intend to harm or kill me or my family. Given the life of me or my family would then be in question I have no problem ending theirs.

          • Bluemontsince1961

            +10, O.B.! Someone breaking into anyone’s home isn’t there to raid the refrigerator, use the “facility”, or deliver a singing telegram.

          • Maria

            Well, Bluemont, that’s not necessarily true. A friend of mine apparently once got so drunk, she walked into a stranger’s house thinking it was her friend’s and she really needed to use the bathroom! 🙂

          • Maria

            Well, that’s certainly a different situation, now isn’t it?

          • I’m revolted

            Overgrown Bush, you should be ashamed, and Bluemontsince1961, you should be embarrassed.

            These remarks are virtually pornographic.

          • Bluemontsince1961

            To I’m revolted:

            Go get a life!

            I’ll let Overgrown Bush speak for himself.

        • Josh S

          Oh so easy to “say” by typing into a keyboard on the free-loving Internets! Is your heart racing?!?!

      • LVGuy

        Based on most of the comments on this website, I think it’s safe to assume that most people here advocating for concealed weapons have the intent to use their weapons with less than good intentions.

        • Shaking_Head

          By all means – base your opinions off of comments on a web-blog. It’s definitely safe to assume things from such a robust source of scientific data.

          Have fun as a future victim.

          • Maria

            What does LVGuy’s opinion of the commenters on this blog have to do with him being a “future victim” (because apparently those of us who don’t carry concealed weapons are destined to be crime victims one day)?

          • LVGuy

            exactly. It’s a blog. I forgot no one was ever sarcastic on a blog.

            Buy hey, let’s just ignore the multiple posts from one specific poster about using deadly violence against county board members and even Arlington residents who put Moran posters on their front yards. I’m sure that was meant as sarcasm too.

          • LVGuy

            oh and violence against gays too. Can’t forget that.

  • YoBimbo

    And this one has a skin color!

  • Aaron

    How do you get away with robbing a bank in such a busy area? That is right outside the bus area I believe.

    • BerryBerryCold

      Standard procedure in Arlington until they catch the suspect(s) – if they are related should be to shut down all metro stations in the area.

      • KalashniKEV


      • Josh S

        BBC for sheriff!! He’s the man with the plan!
        Who let all the riff raff into the room?
        Get em up against the wall!

    • Justme

      Easy, walk out and hop on the bus that is pulling out or run on the next train to DC.

      • ….or the next train headed to PG.

        • BerryBerryCold

          this must be why PG county gave us $2,000 for /our/ crime stoppers program.

          • Bluemontsince1961

            It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

  • charlie

    times are tough folks..
    and it isn’t even christmas shopping season yet.

  • novasteve

    Given how common these bank robberies are can’t the county afford to post a single cop at most banks?

    • Aaron

      I think it more likely that they’d post a county employee outside banks to hand out money to the less fortunate so that they don’t feel compelled to rob the bank in the first place.

    • Rosslynite

      In response, no doubt the County will introduce a variety of traffic calming projects for that street; after years of study, of course.

    • sports_tenderbro_sports

      the county knows that they get more money if they just have cops hand out ridiculous parking tickets and DIPs instead of, you know…protecting people and property.

      • KalashniKEV


        All enforcement is in reactive mode for ACPD… unless there is revenue to be made.

    • Lou

      I don’t think they could afford it, and it’s a little over the top as far as a response.

      But I’d like to think that the County is not just trying to solve these individual crimes, but is looking into whether there is a connection or an organized enterprise targeting banks around here. It’s getting out of hand.

  • Jennifer

    I would think the banks themselves would have security guard in their employ, not use ACPD. I’m not sure it’s been indicated that this is the same people responsible for these robberies.

    • BerryBerryCold

      None of us are sure, because the county hasn’t made any comments regarding their investigation of the numerous bank robberies recently.

      I think they should, or maybe Arlnow should contact the county’s public information officer.

  • johnny b

    Time for ‘Man Trap’ doors. Legitimate business expense, simple to do, would help the door business (jobs), and best of all: we need more stupid crook videos….nothin funnier than a robber stuck between two secure doors kickin & screamin!

    I’d rather watch those than read about ANOTHER bank robbery.

  • NOVApologist

    The average bank robbery only nets like $4,000, and its insured. So it doesn’t make economic sense to hire a security guard at a cost of at least 30k a year unless you get robbed several times a year.

    • BerryBerryCold

      What about the bank employees and customers there during the time of the robbery? What if a the robber threatens these people with a weapon?

      • NoVapologist

        In real life that is rare. The vast majority of robberies only involve a note or the implication of a weapon. Probably because the robbers know that using a gun in a robbery adds time to the sentence.

        The robbers that like to use guns don’t waste their time on the nickel and dime bank branch stuff. They go for the armored car robberies, which – when successful – net the robbers somewhere in the six figures.

        • Josh S

          You’re really letting BBC down by bringing in those depressing facts. Not nearly as exciting as the Wild, Wild West.

  • Thes

    Bank robbery isn’t what it used to be. The way it works nowadays is that in order to rob a bank, you simply walk in and hand them a note or say something that “implies” a weapon. You don’t need to show them the weapon. Then the teller hands you all the money in the drawer, which is usually less than one month’s pay for a security guard. Sometimes they even add a dye-pack. There are about 10 cameras watching your every move. Then you walk out. Eventually after a half dozen or so of these, you are caught, and even if you have robbed multiple banks you probably didn’t even net $50k, or the cost of one additional salaried police officer. Then you go to prison for about 8-12 years and cost the state about $250k in housing costs.

    • Josh S

      Wait, you mean no one gets to bravely fire a gun into someone’s back?!? Dang!

  • Tre

    …maybe BB&T paid someone to rob another bank to get the heat off of them

    • Stu Pendus

      Maybe the banks are all robbing each other in some kind of bizarre insurance-kickback scam.

      • Southeast Jerome

        thats gotta be it, cuz they ran out of subprime borrowers to rob from, right Libbys??

      • Tre

        maybe ArlNOW has been posting fabricated stories to boost traffic and none of this is really happening. Orrrr… if it IS really happening maybe ArlNOW should always end the story with “Update 1:15pm: The robber was located by ACPD, shot and later died at GW hospital. The money was recovered.”

        • BerryBerryCold

          Heck, I wouldn’t want to go there if I was in trouble. Hopefully ACFD only sends the bad guys there, and sends the good guys to hospitals in VA.

  • Heather

    They are too busy pulling people over on Eads Street everyday to do anything else.

  • roquier

    HOLY Cow!! What’s with all these older folk robbing banks? First we’re looking for a white guy in his mid-50s I think, now we have a black guy in his 50s. They must be preparing for job retirement getting some extra cash before the big day.

  • Pink

    “Reports indicate the suspect handed a bag to a teller and demanded money.”

    So let me get this straight, all I have to do is hand a bag to the teller and demand money?? Seens like the perfect plan, why didn’t I think of this.

    • Stu Pendus

      Good point. Where’s the crime here? “Judge, I asked the teller for some money and he/she gave me some. I even said Please and Thank You, like my Momma taught me”

  • Evil Matcher

    How come all these guys wear ball caps but we never learn how they are logo’ed?

    • Lurker

      MTV blurs out the logos on all videos.

  • BerryBerryCold

    Talk about a diversionary tactic for a real crime. A bank robbery and it seems the whole police department is there.

  • I got that PAM

    possibly carrying a brown bag, of your money baby!!!!!!

  • Sam

    Another failure by Arlington County PD to apprehend suspect shocker….

  • Southeast Jerome

    This is what the Federal Government must resort to in order to avoid a default b/c the tea partiers wont increase the debt limit.

  • Maybe we should get Advanced Towing into the business of catching bank robbers.

    • Bluemontsince1961

      LOL! Advanced Towing would snatch them before they had the chance to demand money from the teller.

    • Maria

      Putting their “skills” to good use?

    • bobco85

      Seeing a bank robber leave the bank only to find his getaway car being towed, now THAT would be funny!

  • brendan

    Where’s Jon Hamm When You Need Him? (WJHWYNH)

  • Bluemontsince1961

    I’m from a different era.

    • G::TheNativeArlingtonian

      +1 So, punk, are you feeling lucky?

    • +10

      • Bluemontsince1961

        A couple of hungry (and cranky) Rotweillers or German Shepherds – properly trained to know the difference between friends and intruders, of course – wouldn’t hurt either. BTW, if I may ask, what kind of dog do you have?

  • Tre

    or this

    • JamesE

      or this

      • Bluemontsince1961

        Hey, whatever it takes to say, “move on and don’t even think of breaking in or robbing this place.”




      I actually love and respect ACPD!


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