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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com August 12, 2011 at 8:30 am 2,816 35 Comments

Illegal Gambling Bust — This morning the Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force will announce that it has made multiple arrests and taken down a gang-related illegal gambling operation after a months-long investigation. Arlington County was one of the police agencies that aided the task force by assisting with the investigation and executing warrants, according to a spokesperson.

Overview of Arlington Prosecutor’s Race — In race for Commonwealth’s Attorney in Arlington, Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Theo Stamos has far out-raised defense attorney David Deane. But Deane is hoping his stance against the death penalty will give him an edge against Stamos in the upcoming Democratic primary. [Washington Post]

An Outsider’s View of Seven Corners — To anyone who has driven far enough west on Wilson Boulevard, Arlington Boulevard or Route 7, an anecdote in this article, written by a recent Arlington transplant, will ring true. [The New Atlantis]

  • SaveDaveMcKenna

    It took me 3-4 years of living in Arlington to figure out how to get around without a map. Still not sure how to find Donaldson Run.

    • bb

      Just look for the looming rain cloud above it. It’s always raining in Donaldson Run.

  • moneybags

    Are they going to arrest the posters here who have been gambling on the date and time of the next bank robbery?

    • brian

      No one was shot ‘accidently’ like Sal?

  • cakes

    The Donaldson Run shtick is so bad. Enough people.

    • 4MileRun

      I don’t get the running Donald Run joke. Will someone please enlighten me?

      • CW

        Run, Donald, run!

      • Rosslynite

        Apparently, it has something to do with upredictable weather patterns resulting in isolated monsoon-like rains in the area and a local citizenry agitating for independence from Arlington County. In the minds of some, we are already free.

  • charlie

    well apparently it has a wikipedia entry so it must actually exist:

  • CW

    First you must find…another shrubbery!

    • Chris


      • Grateful

        What’s the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

        • Theakston

          African or European?

          • Grateful

            Huh? I… I don’t know that.
            [he is thrown over the edge into the volcano]

  • Greg

    It’s an interesting article on the Commonwealth Attorney race. Deane seems to have a lot of good ideas. The numerous mailings I get from Stamos don’t ever seem to list a single idea, they just say “I’m next in line for the job so vote for me.”

    On the other hand, she does have a lot of experience and I can see why incumbents have an upper hand. People don’t like to change things up unless there is a real problem.

    • Whitney Wilson

      I thought it was interesting that her only legal job has been in the Commonwealth’s Attorney office. While Ms. Stamos’s extensive experience in the office is good, I wonder whether a new perspective might be a positive step.

    • SaveDaveMcKenna

      And she used to be the wife of the head coach of the Georgetown Men’s Basketball team.

      • Aaron

        She IS the wife of the FORMER head coach of the Georgetown Men’s basketball team.

  • steve85

    Its funny how when people move here they start complaining about everything from traffic, people, etc…. Welcome to the D.M.V. Blend in or shut up.

    • John Fontain

      The only people who refer to this area as “the DMV” are new transplants who listen to hot 99.5 a little too much.

      • JamesE

        I refer to it as the “hellish black hole of depression I have lived for 29 years and want to escape desperately if I can find a similar job in another part of the country but all the jobs in my field are here so I am probably trapped for life god help me” area.

        • SOARL

          Me too!

      • normal

        +1 million

      • steve85

        Wrong WPGC 95.5 and 93.9 started using the term years ago. Since you probably don’t listen to that radio station you probably didn’t know. Hip hop stations if you were wondering

        • Southeast Ben

          Big Tig in the Mornings. Russ Parr (probably mispelled) is terrible. I love my hip-hop though both stations are pretty terrible.

          No one is trapped. We all have options.

        • John Fontain

          I don’t listen to those stations, but yes I knew that they have been using those terms as well.

          Interesting fact: WPGC was owned by a group of Eskimos in the early 90’s.

  • John B

    “and signs that refer almost exclusively to state and federal route numbers but not the familiar local street names” is a perfect description of Seven Corners. I grew up in the area and had no idea Wilson was one of the streets that intersected at Seven Corners. Even if they still use 6xx or whatever it is on the main highway-type signs, they could at least put a regular street sign at the Wilson intersection letting you know the name of the street.

  • Southeast Ben

    Don’t let Omar find out about the Arlington gambling rings…

  • Rick

    If the gang task force had to be called in for a poker bust, I’m going to be very upset/scared

  • charlie

    and yet no one is asking, um,
    “Why do we elect the Commonwealth Attorney?”
    or the treasurer, or the clerk of court or sheriff.
    it isn’t as if we have been successful in avoiding political patronage by voting.

    • Thes

      Here is a thoughtful scholarly article on why we elect local prosecutors.

      An excerpt:
      “… there is also a strong justification for conducting elections for local prosecutor. Simply put, although a prosecutor’s decision in each individual case (e.g. whether to press charges, or whether to seek the death penalty) should be apolitical, in a broader sense prosecutors are public officials who make quintessentially political decisions. They decide whether to allocate scarce resources to prosecuting drug crimes or investigating organized crime. They decide how much (if at all) to crack down on “quality of life” crimes. They decide whether to create a specialized domestic violence unit and what kind of penalties to ask for when batterers are convicted. These are decisions for which a prosecutor should arguably seek input from the community, and a prosecutor will be far more likely to seek this input — and will seek it more aggressively — if he or she is dependent upon the community for his or her election.”

      • Burger

        The Duke Lacrosse players disagree.

        • Thes

          That’s a good reason to combine elected prosecutors with unelected judges and citizen grand and petit juries. If all of them have to agree to prosecute, convict and sentence someone, chances are it’s a good idea.

          • othersideoftheriver

            Thanks, Thes. I was wondering about that very thing.

          • charlie

            how often does a Grand Jury in Arlington not agree with the CA?

            are the systems better when the CA is appointed?


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