Emergency Exercise to be Held at Pentagon City Mall

by ARLnow.com August 17, 2011 at 3:12 pm 6,072 26 Comments

The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City mall will be the site of a large-scale emergency training exercise next weekend.

From 4:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 28, first responders from Arlington’s police, fire and sheriff’s departments, as well as the Arlington County Office of Emergency Management and the Alexandria Police Department, will conduct a joint training exercise inside the mall.

“The purpose of the exercise is to test the response of Arlington County’s public safety agencies in a simulated emergency situation,” Arlington Police said in a statement. No word on the exact type of emergency that will be simulated.

“Residents are advised that there could be some temporary traffic delays as emergency equipment is moved into place,” the statement said. “There will be a large number of public safety vehicles in the area of The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, The Arlington County Trades buildings, and several parking lots along Army Navy Drive across from the mall. The vehicles will not use their lights or sirens during the exercise. The mall will open for normal shopping hours.”

“Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Arlington County has devoted its resources to emergency preparedness,” the statement continued. “This exercise is one example of the many ways the agencies of the National Capital Region train to ‘expect the unexpected.'”

  • JamesE

    Good time to rob some banks

    • ATMs…..banks are closed on Sundays

  • Lou

    They must be training for a zombie attack.

  • CW

    Police and fire officials will simulate a response to the descent of 15 busloads of obese midwestern tourists upon the pentagon city mall…

  • CarsSuck

    go ACFD go!!


    Why in the world would they announce an exercise? Your right, great time to commit another crime OR since you now know where a whole bunch of emergency personnel are going to be you can stage your attack. Way to go Arlington.

    • AllenB

      OR to warn the public of the traffic implications and to make sure they realize what is happening is fake.


        The exercise is inside the mall and emergency vehicles will not be using their lights or sirens. So, how would the public know anything was going on? Traffic on Sunday morning at 430? Not sure that’s gonna be an issue Allen.

        • AllenB

          Yeah, it may be an issue, SealTeamDumb since the exercise will be going until noon. Though they won’t be using their lights, there will be many of them so that could cause a problem for the unknowing.

    • employee

      As a previous PC employee/manager it is helpful to know ahead of time so staff there knows not to panic. I appreciate these types of announcements because that mall management staff if pretty terrible at communicating to tenants (or at least was in the past). Also, many stores and food court operations folks are there pre-dawn preparing kitchens and/or stocking shelves. Though customers might not be in the mall, there are often people there who wouldn’t know what was going on otherwise.

  • Ali

    So we’re getting screwed traffic-wise 2 of 3 days this weekend now. Grreeeeatttt.

    • CarsSuck

      please, cry me a river

  • Jim Lawson

    Is that 12 noon or 12 midnight?

    • wow

      12pm is noon… 12am is midnight.

  • MLK

    On a day when DC is going to have 250,000 tourists coming in. Won’t they be on 395. They are being told to walk from Arlington Cemetary.

  • nancibee

    Uh…Aug. 28 isn’t “next weekend.” That would be Aug. 21. So, which is it?

    • AllenB

      I always think of the weekend coming up as “this weekend” and the one after that as “next weekend”.

      • Maria

        I’m with you Allen, but my mother argues me tooth and nail that it’s like nancibee says. I’m pretty sure we’re right though 🙂

        • AllenB

          Of course we are. 🙂

          • PHD

            You are right and I agree with you both!

  • Narlington

    Why would they hold an emergency drill when there is going to be so many people in and around the county. Sometimes you wonder if they think of what’s going on in and around DC

    • AllenB

      What’s going on around the county the weekend of August 28th?

      • Real World Economics

        The dedication of the Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial on the National Mall…

  • tool

    Aug 28th is Aug 28th, regardless of whether you call it “this” weekend or “next”(!)… You people are so dumb it is exahausting..

    • AllenB

      Said the “tool”.

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