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Vehicle Overturns After Accident in Ashton Heights

by ARLnow.com September 13, 2011 at 9:32 am 4,657 28 Comments

A car flipped on its roof in residential Ashton Heights last night, but luckily no one was seriously hurt.

The accident happened on the 500 block of N. Nelson Street just before 8:00 p.m. The car flipped over after hitting another vehicle, though the collision itself did not significantly damage either car, according to a witness. The driver of the overturned vehicle was able to get herself out of the car and was not seriously hurt.

Photos courtesy @dadonymous

  • Jabar Al-Tura

    Key word able to get “HERSELF” — of course it was a woman. Glad no one was hurt.

    • Laura

      Really? Herself? There are plenty of hammer-head male drivers out there. To be honest, most of the drivers in the metro area are horrible. No need to specifically call out that “of course it was a woman.” Shame.

    • drax
      • I*1/\/\p $l_4q [)/\ l-loh

        No, I think you’re confusing getting fewer tickets, which is what the study you posted is about, with safer driving. I can think of a few reasons why women would get fewer tickets. (Hint: most police officers are male).

        This article lays out the truth:

        • drax

          I read the article – not surprisingly, it most certainly does not say what the headline says.

          But yes, I should have said “better driving records” with mine. And then you add a completely unsupported excuse to try to dismiss that, piling on the sexism.

          Here is a REAL study:


          • I*1/\/\p $l_4q [)/\ l-loh

            Men are more likely to die in an accident than women, it’s just that women are more likely to get in accidents.

          • drax

            That’s not what the article says either.

          • I*1/\/\p $l_4q [)/\ l-loh

            Here you go. I’m interested to see how you’ll respond to this one, but don’t really expect a response since the study contradicts almost every statement you’ve made.


          • statistician

            But the “REAL” msnbc study only had about 500 words and was incredibly light on facts. How could they possibly be wrong? Keith Olbermann used to work there. You want me to read one that actually has meaningful data? Not likely.

            Part of the problem is that they are only looking at people that get *IN* accidents, not the ones that caused them. My teenage daughter has only been in one accident, but she has probably caused a dozen.

  • Steve

    Like I’ve said many times, this area has the WORST drivers becaues they are sociopathetically self absorbed. Wonder what she was doing when she hit the car rather than paying attention.

  • GrilledCheeseConnoisseur

    Overturned cars are the best Arlington fad since flip flops and bank robberies.

    • Bill

      I think she misunderstood when she heard about flip flops in Arlington.

  • John Fontain

    The driver must have been driving really fast to flip the car like that.

  • Skeptical

    It;s astonishing the way the readers of ARL NOW always clairvoyantly know so much about the reasons why various traffic accidents and other mishaps occurred.

    But I think Jabar El-Tura is actually some crotchety old Tea Party crank who wants us to dislike people with Arabic names.

    • drax

      Either the driver was driving way too fast, or not. Of this I am sure.

      • Rosslynite

        I think you are half right.

    • Chris

      Yes, bring politics into it. Because democrats never make dumb comments on web sites.

  • Bluemontsince1961

    Hmmm…maybe any or all of the following:

    1) driving too fast
    2) driving while distracted (yapping on the cell phone, texting, or otherwise fiddling around with some electronic device)
    3) driving while schnockered

    The speed limit there is 25, I believe. Hard to imagine how someone can flip over a car after hitting another car at 25. It may be possible, but hard to imagine.

  • steve85

    It doesn’t matter who was driving as long as the person is ok that really what matters. That is what’s wrong with the world now always sterotyping something. Grow-up people

    • drax

      Hey steve, we make fun of you sometimes, but great comment.

  • CW

    Hyundai driver? Big surprise.

    • Hmmm

      And what exactly is that supposed to mean??

      • CW

        Partly an intentional move to fan the flames of driver stereotyping, but seriously Hyundai drivers scare me more than anything. Luxury car drivers are aggressive jerks, but Hyundai drivers usually drive with the mentality of “I’m driving a piece of crap, I don’t care if I wreck it”. This based upon an unscientific survey of hundreds of hours biking, running, and driving in the D.C. area. There is nothing more dangerous than someone with nothing to lose.

        • Umm..

          Or this is the car they can afford on their budget. Not everyone can just buy another.

  • DarkHeart

    How can a car be on its roof and not have significant damage?

  • Anon

    vehicles are built so that the structural integrity of the vehicle is spread through out, she probably has plenty of dents but the posts in the vehicle did their job and maintained so as not to crush. I sure somebody much smarter than me is going to tell me why I am wrong.

    • Bill

      Yeah, the top surfaces were all scraped up and dinged, but considering it hit another car to flip it’s impressive that neither car’s headlights were even broken.


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