Lovers of Books May Become Lovers at Library Singles Event

by ARLnow.com October 14, 2011 at 2:30 pm 4,558 18 Comments

Single? Enjoy reading books? Want to meet other single people who enjoy reading books?

If the answer to all three of those questions is ‘yes,’ then the Arlington Public Library has just the event for you this weekend.

On Sunday evening, the Shirlington Branch Library (4200 Campbell Avenue) will be hosting the library’s first-ever ‘Book Dating’ event. Library officials are billing the event as a “novel” way to help the literary-minded find love.

To participate, think about a couple of books you’d like to share: favorites, disappointments, readings-in-progress, etc. Bring them from home or pick them up at the library. Then head over to the event (from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.) and library staff will set you up on a series of 3 minute mini-dates with each of the other participants.

There will be “no fines for overdue romances,” library spokesman Peter Golkin noted.

Refreshments will be provided by Ruth’s Chris Steak House.

  • Undereducated

    Is this the best the County can do with my tax dollars?

    • CW

      Gosh, if you wish to live under a brutal, oppressive regime that makes everyone’s life miserable, go defect to the DPRK.

      Personally, I think this is pretty cool.

      • Undereducated

        Cool does not equal best use of limited tax dollars.

    • Flying Spaghetti Monster

      Perhaps, Undereducated, with your ironic screenname, you might want to actually go to a library, instead of just griping and spoiling everybody else’s fun.

      • Undereducated

        With all the competing priorities and underfunded programs and poverty in Arlington County I don’t agree that tax dollars should be a priority to pay for speed dating.

        • drax

          It doesn’t cost anything extra, genius.

          If you want to close down the libraries, well, good luck with that.

          • Undereducated

            Typical Democrat perspective, it doesnt cost extra. Everything extra has a cost. Want to speed date, join a club and pay your own way.

          • Josh S

            Actually, libraries have programs all the time. They’re built into the budget. So, think of it this way. Instead of having a lecture on how to save for retirement, there was a speed dating event.

            So, no marginal cost above those already budgeted.

            Your “typical Democrat perspective” is so illogical and ineffective it’s hard to digest…..
            (A – it’s a non sequitor, B – it’s an ad hominem attack, C – it’s a red herring, D – it’s a generalization etc. etc etc)

      • Undereduated

        My wife would kill me if she caught me speed dating at the library.

  • JimPB

    ArlCo library — unbounded innovation and initiative for serving the citizens.
    Five stars.

  • Johnny Utah

    This is actually pretty cool. Last week the library brought me Star Wars, now they are bringing me ladies…if only i knew how to read!!

    • Aaron

      Don’t you remember the discussion yesterday about full-frontal nudity in community theater? It’s never the ladies….

  • Sarah

    I think this is a great idea!! A nice alternative to the tired bar scene.

    • scarbot

      Home depot or Harris Teeter are good alternatives to the bar scene.

    • Chris

      Another nice alternative to the bar scene is ArlNow.com…

      You want in?

  • Arlwhenver

    Anyone who belives there are no fines for overdue romances has clearly not gone through a divorce.

    • Tabby


      I have visions of the indigent men who use the computers at the library being the main attendees–with a few mostly normal women thrown in.

  • Bobby

    I think this is a pretty cool use of tax dollars. Gays and lesbians will be there too, oo oo la la, and they won’t be wearing name tags.


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