I-66 Traffic Causing Spill-Over Onto Local Streets

by ARLnow.com November 30, 2011 at 9:08 am 3,558 38 Comments

(Updated at 9:15 a.m.) Westbound I-66 has been backed up for much of the latter half of the morning rush hour due to an accident near the Dulles Toll Road.

Traffic is very slow on the entire length of westbound I-66, from Rosslyn to the Toll Road. The backups are so bad that there are reports that ancillary backups have formed on some main local roads that connect with I-66 on-ramps, like Sycamore Street, Washington Boulevard and Glebe Road. Route 110 is also said to be jammed as a result of the I-66 traffic.

Via Twitter, several I-66 commuters have said that the slow traffic has added 30 or more minutes to their westbound commute.

WTOP is reporting that only one lane of I-66 is squeezing by the accident at the Toll Road.

  • BethM

    Westbound Lee Highway is backed up to John Marshall Drive, very slow going.

  • Tim

    Yes, because tweeting while driving will definitely help the situation.

    On a relate note, I work at Glebe and Fairfax and all the roads around here are backed up like hell.

    • Courthouse Res

      Who said anything about tweeting while driving? I tweeted at ArlNow once I arrived to my destination.

  • gk

    Stay at least a half mile from I66 interchanges if possible..parallel streets seem to be working fairly well as many don’t seem to know alternate routes.

    • BethM

      Yes. Once I saw the jam on Lee Highway stretched in front of me, I crossed over to the side streets and they were fine. More traffic than usual, but nothing they couldn’t handle, and 25 mph is a lot better than 0 mph, which is what it was doing at the time.

  • Alfredo

    …and the police made no effort to move the accident to the shoulder

    For fear of disrupting the “spot improvement” project that manages to only install one street light a week?

    • Novanglus


    • Josh S

      Meanwhile, in China, they built 17 convention centers, 12 airports, 102 hotels, and 4,000 miles of highway in the time it has taken to get that one street light installed along 66.

      I guess it’s not in Arlington’s control, so comparison is not fair, but all those with their underwear in a bunch over the Artisphere should be hyperventilating over the boondoggle that is the “spot improvement” project. This thing has been positively glacial in progress. I’ve seen weeks go by without seeing more than about three guys working on it. W. T. F ?

      • Bluemontsince1961

        Josh, you’re not the only one unhappy with the so-called “spot improvement” project. It seems to be so slow that by the time they finish, all of us will be retired.

      • drax

        China can routinely mow over entire cities at will without any appeal from the people in them though.

        • Josh S

          Perhaps. And they’ve certainly got much weaker environmental regulations, etc.

          But still. If President Obama made a speech setting out a national goal to land a man on Mars before the end of the decade, would it happen? Doubtful. Landing a man on the moon was at least as daunting of a challenge in 1961 when Kennedy proposed it. The SF-Oakland Bay Bridge took three years to build in the 1930s. The new eastern half of the bridge will have taken something like 15 years when it opens. Now obviously, this one lane “spot improvement” has nowhere near the same importance as those two examples. But in general, it appears that we lack a certain get up and go that used to be celebrated as part of the American Way and that frankly helped contribute to national pride.

    • Rick

      The accident was near the toll road. I wasn’t aware of a spot improvement other than railroad tracks in that area currently under construction?

    • Chris G.

      maybe the safety of the vehicle occupants and rescue personnel was more of a priority then you driving to your pathetic office job. get over it, or find another way to work. check the traffic button on google maps before committing to a highway with few exits and no turn arounds. it’s not that hard to figure out.

      • Josh S

        Thanks for your thoughtful and useful contribution.

  • Mark

    No backups on the Custis trail in either direction this morning!

    • Steve85

      Who cares. Everybody dont ride bikes

      • cyclist

        We cyclists take alot of abuse, so when we have a chance to give it back, we jump on it.

  • Tysons Worker

    Old Dominion is a nightmare, too.

    • NorthArlingTim

      Old Dominion has been getting increasingly worse in the last year or so. It was horrible this morning. I’m another Tyson’s worker.

  • Arlingtonian

    Yep, it took me nearly 50 minutes to reach my office at Glebe and Fairfax when it usually takes 10-20.

  • BethM

    Checking the traffic cams, it finally seems to be clearing out.

  • MC 703

    2.5 hours from Shirlington to Ashburn

    • Chris G.

      maybe people like you should learn other ways around. Maybe GW Parkway or Braddock Rd to Fairfax Pkwy or 28. Just a suggestion. Think outside the box.

      • Brenna

        This. You travel in an area where disruptions are quite common and you don’t have a Plan B?

  • drax

    This is our future as long as the Republicans refuse to raise the gas tax and fund some improvements in Virginia. Get used to it.

    • OX4

      It was an accident. What improvements could you make that would keep traffic moving when lanes are blocked for rescue vehicles?

      • A wider road.

        • OX4

          Isn’t it 4 or 5 lanes out there near Dulles?

          • It does not get to the widest point until after the Toll Road. The Toll Road interchange is always a bottleneck, so having an accident there with a lane blocked just makes it that much worse.

          • Bluemontsince1961

            The Toll Road interchange is “something else”. Two out of five days when I drive it around 4 p.m. (I get to work around 6:40 a.m), the backups on 66 East (the four-three-two lane cluster eff between the Rt. 7 and Westmoreland St. exits), spill over onto the interchange – on summer Fridays it is worse. If 66 East has an accident….let’s just say one summer Friday afternoon the backup was almost to the interchange of the east bound Toll Road and the Rt. 123.

    • dave schutz

      um, drax, the reason 66 has not been widened is opposition from Arlington government. consistent, year-after-year opposition. decades of opposition.

      • Thank you, and not a Republican in the bunch.

        • Bluemontsince1961

          +100! Thank you, Overgrown Bush and Dave Shutz. Plenty of blame can be put on both the Dem and Pub doorsteps. I grew up in Arlington and remember well the years of protests, petitions, etc. to keep 66 two lanes each way only – and that was back in the 1970s and early 1980s. Since then, Arlington’s government has consistently opposed any widening. The Pubs in Richmond who won’t raise the gas tax or fund improvements is the Pubs contribution.

        • dave schutz

          Hey! Mike Lane! Mike Brunner! Are they chopped liver, or what??? Never even close to a majority, but they did exist. Dorothy Grotos! There’s a name to conjure with!

      • BigSpender

        Years and years of opposition to increased traffic into AND out of Arlington especially in the swankier neighborhoods of North Arlington. Now increased traffic onto our local streets because of a 2 lane 66? Wow guess the County Gov never thought that would happen! Or maybe they could care less because they live in those swankier neighborhoods. Its actually because their obstructionist policies hinder Arlington’s growth as a major player in NoVa, blackballed us to them in the process, and cost the taxpayers millions for fighting for their ridiculous agendas.

  • Jammed

    Added an extra HOUR to my commute today. Drove passed the guy, an older man who crashed a silver sedan into that lane divider. All you big picture people, he’s the one you should hate on for today.

  • Meek

    2 hours 27 minutes from Arlington to ashburn…and why does it take so long to erect the new lights? The have a gazillion guys standing and watching

  • Burger

    Interesting, it is even worse today.

    But, hey, “let’s not expand 66” right fellas. good grief.


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